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8 thoughts on “Lancaster Passes Mandatory Pit Bull and Rottweiler Sterilization Law

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  1. Save suffering pit bulls by curtailing breeding
    As someone who has spent 25 years rescuing pit bulls from conditions we wouldn’t visit on our worst enemies, I applaud the city of Lancaster’s adoption this week of an ordinance requiring all pit bulls to be spayed or neutered.

  2. The stockholders of companies that produce and sell Euthasol aren’t going to like this…

  3. He should run for Governor of California!

    Another good idea: These dogs should be tattooed in the ear and required to have a unique color/shaped license tag on their collar so that any animal control officer, law enforcement officer, or citizen could visually recognize them from a distance as having a "dangerous dog" determination and a muzzle requirement while away from the owner's property. Beside the muzzle, there could be consideration for a body harness requirement. Such a harness would give the immediate possessor a greater capacity to control the dog, as well as giving any by-stander or victim something easier to grap should the dog escape the control of the immediate possessor. The harness could also be designed to have the capacity to carry special written warnings: "DANGEROUS DOG", similiar to messages on the harnesses of police K-9s and service dogs.

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