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12 thoughts on “6-Year Old May Need Skin Grafts After Pit Bull Attack in La Vista

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  1. The La Vista Volunteer Fire Department had to help the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) capture the aggressive pit bull. Who can forget the NHS and Mark Langan? The NHS strongly opposed the proactive pit bull laws that Omaha enacted after the “sudden,” violent attack on Charlotte. Just next week, guess who will be leading the following seminar at the National Animal Control Association Conference?

    “Preventing a Pit Bull Ban — Omaha’s Story — Mark Langan”

    May 29-30, 2009
    Sheraton Westport Plaza Hotel
    St Louis, MO

    Silly me, I thought ELECTED officials shaped public policy!

  2. Mark Langan and Judy Varner and the board members registered with the NE Sec. of State ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    He is speaking at the National Animal Control Association annual convention in St. Louis titled, “How to Prevent a Pit Bull Ban (Omaha’s story)”

    Gimme a break. Will he include the story of the little boy who has no genitalia, no scrotum, no penis? Will he talk about the little girl who’s got permanent head injuries which prevent or may prevent her hair from growing, a nearly fatal attack in 2008?

    Shame on them.

  3. Seems to me if they want to avoid a breed ban, all they have to do is breed safer dogs. Until the Pit Bull community does that…Effem!

  4. More information:

    “The children were playing with a plastic ball when it landed on the other side of the neighbor’s chainlink fence. Aliyah went to get it. When she leaned across the limp fence, the dog bit her. The family says the dog’s owners were grilling when it happened and they had to repeatedly punch the dog just to get him to let go of Aliyah. The dog took a chunk the size of a quarter from her arm. Even after doctor’s stiched up the wound, you could see the teeth marks around it”

    “…Because Sticks showed violent and aggressive behavior to the girl — his owner has been ticketed for harboring a dangerous animal.”

  5. It is not OK for a public servant (which is what animal control is) to be opposing public interest, or opposing laws, or lobbying on behalf of business groups advancing their interests.

    If this Langan is lobbying for breeders, which is what anti-bsl propaganda and efforts are, that is a conflict of interest.

    It is not animal control’s job to make laws. It is merely their job to enforce laws.

    Animal control as a subsidiary of the breeding market is not acceptable, and dangerous

  6. According to the news story, the pit bull owner refused to answer the door to talk with the reporter.

    Typical…another coward, another loser, another pit bull owner. These guys pretend to be real tough guys, wanting a dangerous dog to intimidate the neighbors. But when it comes down to brass tacks, guys who own pit bulls are gutless, impotent, losers. When their junk breed dog mauls a child, they scream like a little girl, and can’t control their own dogs.

    They like the gansta look of owning a pit bull, but when the dog mauls a kid they won’t man up and answer their door to make a public apology. I hope the little girls parents find a good attorney and sue this guy for everything he’s worth…..make this guy homeless.

  7. The article says the pit bull owner intervened to stop the attack, and goes on to say that he went over to the victim’s home and apologized.

    That’s gotta be a first! I have a hard time believing this is the actual owner of the pit bull!

  8. Mark Langan should be fired and kicked to the curb. It’s not his job to advocate for dangerous breeds anymore than a cop should be a gang member. Get this dope a paper hat; let him flip burgers.

  9. Yeah, it’s funny how they’re NEVER available for a comment after the fact. The idiot pit owner who recently had her dog shot to death for mauling a lab complained that the media never talked to her. Why should they bother? Pit owners are never willing to own up to their own responsibility or make comments to the media. They probably know anything they say will positively sink them in a lawsuit.

  10. I hope the victim’s family is SUING SUING SUING

    And if animal control is covering for and lying for the pit bull owner then formal complaints need to be filed

    This was entirely the dog owner’s fault. It is not ok for a dog to attack period.

  11. 4 ft chain link fence…Any “reputable” pit bull website tells owners that this is inadequate containment. Clearly this owner needed regulation!

  12. Another "over the fence" attacker:

    "October 11, 2009, AUGUSTA,Ga—4 year old Emerson is now sporting bandages after her father says the neighbor's pit bull went on the attack. "You never want to see your child hurt," said Hudson. "But coming and running to me saying the dog bit me…it was hellish." …Emerson had been playing in the yard near the neighbor's fence. "She never left her yard and the dog never left it's yard," said Hudson. "But it came over the fence at her."

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