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12 thoughts on “Pit Bull in Recent Mauling Adopted from the Humane Society of Indianapolis

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  1. a lawsuit should produce those test results.

    indy is a mess. i have been tracking pit bull shootings and just in the first 12 days of march, there has been a total of 7 pit bull shootings in indiana, 5 of them occurred in indianapolis.

  2. Looks like we have another lawsuit involving a humane society — this one out of Hamilton County, IN:

    Hamilton County – A young boy is recovering from injuries after being attacked inside an animal shelter in Hamilton County. Shelter officials say it all started in a room right off the lobby. The room had a sign on the door with a warning about the animal behind it. "I'm not feeling well please don't enter," explained Rebecca Stevens of the Hamilton County Humane Society. But Stevens says that sign didn't stop a six-year-old boy from opening the door to a room at the Hamilton County Humane Society, where an injured pit bull mix was in isolation. "The little boy admitted that he went into that room and was curious and wanted to see what was inside," said Stevens. That's when Hamilton County Animal Control says the dog attacked the child, biting him first on his cheek. "He got loose, he ran through the kennel," said Stevens about what the dog did after biting the child. "He got out into the lobby area." That's where a witness told Eyewitness News the dog bit the boy again on the leg and wouldn't let go until another visitor kicked the animal off the child. The witness says she acted quicker than employees did to get the dog under control.

    Sounds like the pit bull busted through it's kennel. Sign or no sign on the door, these folks are negligent!

  3. These Pit radicalized "Humane" groups need to be sued into oblivion!

    Think of it as a Cesar Millan like rehabilitation technique…Whodathunk this once fine groups would immerse themselves into fixating on dogs bred to kill other dogs?!?

  4. i hope the state of indiana makes an example out john aleshire and the humane society of indianapolis. this man is either incompetent or a liar.

  5. Good. It's high time the animal shelters are held financially accountable whenever dogs they adopt out and "certify" as non-aggressive, an impossibility given the genetic heritage of pit bulls, go on to maul or kill. Only when these shelters and some of these bogus rescues start having to pay expensive settlements will they change their policies and stop putting dangerous animals back into the communities. In the case of the rescues, one or two cases like this ought to be enough to shut them down permanently.

  6. Some of the people who work for these animal shelters are showing a wanton disregard for human life and the lives of other pets. They are actually HELPING pit bulls hurt and kill.

    Here, where the discussed ordinance is simply a muzzling requirement, we have two veterinarians from the Animal Rescue League presenting false propaganda from the pit bull breeder lobby to make the nonsensical assertion that muzzling shouldn't be required.

    Lets's see. Muzzling prevents death, it prevent cruelty to other animals, it prevents the tremendous damage that pit bulls do (which is nothing like the bites of other dogs) and it stops the pit bulls from having a bad reputation because they aren't showing up daily in the local media for attacking.

    But these veterinarians, one who owns a pit bull herself (Smith) and therefore has a vested interest, are pretending to be "experts" and lying to oppose this muzzling ordinance.

    How did such wanton disregard for life happen in the humane world?

    The two veterinarians are Amy Marder and Martha Smith of the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston Massachusetts discussing the proposed Lynn Ma muzzling ordinance after two children were nearly killed, and after a long history of pit bull maulings in Lynn.

    Veterinarians Marder and Smith are LYING. THere is no other word for it.

    AS someone points out in the comments, the Toronto Humane Society is under investigation for animal cruelty. They have been abusing animals for years in their shelter, and their shelter director works with the breeder lobby. To quote people who lie that are under criminal investigation and pretend they are significant is itself, criminal.

    And as for Amy Marder, she had a ridiculous column some time ago in Prevention magazine where she talked about the dogs from BREEDERS that she owned and her planned BREEDING (including breeding a dog with bad knees that had typical genetic problems, and she discussed that she probably shouldn't breed the dog because genetically it would hand on those bad knees to its offspring. Hey, Amy, just the way that pit bulls hand on aggression and the ability to inflict trememdous damage when they bite to THEIR offspring.)

  7. I can't tell you how much I appreciate to stand up for human beings in this incredible situation where adopting out questionable pit bulls takes precedence over the safety of human beings. It's outrageous and Indianapolis humane should lose it's credability

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