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2 thoughts on “Radio Show Interviews Assistant City Attorney About Council Bluffs' Pit Bull Ban

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  1. indy is in big trouble, hopefully they will have the sense to follow in the foot steps of council bluff, iowa. the pit nutters have a strong presence in indy and it would be a tough fight but i am sure they would have the support of the majority. the mayor and city council need to start legislating for the greater good instead of the loudest bullies.

    excellent interview. i especially like the analogy between chihuahuas and pit bulls and firecrackers and grenades.

  2. Just yesterday 2009 Indy Pit Breeder of the year Lee Carroll's appeal failed.

    Never forget that Lee sold nine pups sired from the Pits that mauled Brenda Hill…After the attack!

    Indy has a ton on street fighters enabled by A/C, Pit Advocacy groups and the city government.

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