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3 thoughts on “'Mixed Breed,' a Typical Animal Agency Cover Up for a Pit Bull?

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  1. I have noticed too that it is rare to find pictures of the dogs that attacked. A lot of newpaper articles have just a picture of a dog of the breed mentioned in the article. It’s like we are not allowed to know what these killers look like. As if their identities have to be protected till they had their day in court?
    Even if a dog is nervous it doesn’t take long to make a few photo’s. They could sell them to journalists and make some money for the shelter….

  2. Most of the time there are not criminal charges (no day in court ever comes). Suspected criminals and convicted criminals have mug shots; sometimes dogs declared “dangerous” do as well to help warn a community of it’s presence. But when a dog kills someone, it does seem rare to see a photograph of the animal. In some ways this is understandable, in other ways it makes no sense at all. The image of the dog, however, is separate to the factual breed knowledge. Hiding the breed information is unacceptable. If a German shepherd killed a child, you better believe that breed would be named and would be done so immediately. The only breed that actively gets suppressed by animal agencies appears to be pit bull type dogs.

    There are many examples of cases “still being investigated” where detailed descriptions of the breed are given. Here’s just a few:

    2008 Fatality: Great-Grandmother Killed by Family Dogs
    The 11-year-old female golden-retriever mix is named Sammy, and the 6-year-old male Australian-shepherd mix is called Seth. The dogs are currently being held in separate cages at Brevard County Animal Services while the investigation continues.

    2008 Fatality: Justin Mozer Killed by Jack Russell Terrier
    A family dog mauled a 6-week old baby to death yesterday. Witnesses told police that Justin Mozer was sleeping in a bedroom when the family’s Jack Russell terrier attacked him. Officials have not released whether the baby was sleeping in a crib.

    2008 Fatality: Tulsa Infant Killed by Labrador
    In a developing story, it appears another family dog has attacked and killed an infant. In this instance, the victim was a 2-month-old baby in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Police said the infant was mauled by a young Labrador this morning. The child died at the scene. Initial details were scant as officers continued their investigation.

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