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8 thoughts on “Spokane Woman Pushes for Pit Bull Ban at City Council Meeting

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  1. Scrap SCRAPS!

    Common theme in many A/C agencies…More time spent on pit rescue and advocacy than on public safety.

  2. SCRAPS is BACK! I’ve been wondering about the story on these folks. Opposing public safety again I see.
    No surprises there.

  3. Common theme among pit bull advocates is this idea of personal experience with the breed and how that trumps any historical or expert analysis of the dogs. You see this often in comment sections of attack articles. They have a pit bull (one dog) and it is so loving therefore this is how all pit bulls can be. They don’t accept the fact that pit bulls were bred for fighting and are genetically programmed to do so. They don’t accept many of the attack stories are even pit bulls. And if they are caused by pit bulls, it is always the owner’s fault, or the victim’s fault, never the product of the animal’s instincts and genetics. When you have animal control workers who admit that nearly half their shelter dogs are pit bulls or pit bull mixes, that’s a lot of pit bulls they are dealing with on a daily basis. And I’m sure some of them come in from abusive situations which would pull at any animal lovers heartstrings. As we’ve seen in the ASPCA Pit Bull Guide, this causes a kennel blindness as shelter workers become attatched to these animals and more familar with them. Hard facts are replaced with personal experiences – experiences limited to a shelter I might add – and opinions form on those experiences alone. And then facts are gathered to support those opinions, even false facts such as BSL is illegal. The result is an animal control that works for pit bulls instead of the public and promotes pit bulls at the expense of all other dogs (such as the ASPCA’s Adopt-A-Bull program). Shelter workers should be required to take courses in breed histories and dog behavior to show them that individual experiences with individual dogs is not a replacement for actual knowledge.

  4. Our animal shelter person owns a pit bull and says they are just wonderful dogs. The aniaml shelters should be part of our law enforcement not a private business, tax dollars should not be used like this.

  5. Yep…. an we see time and time again , the pit bull community consuming the lions share of a city’s A/C budget. Some of these agencies have been turned into full-time, tax supported Pit bull rescues.

    The nutters seem to feel a sense of entitlement rather than embarassment.

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