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6 thoughts on “Top Dog Experts Fooled and Surprised by Pit Bulls

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  1. A mere PhD in animal behavior does not hold a candle to the thousands of rescue angels, lion tamers, shelter workers, vet techs, or those who hold degrees in journalism, advertising, law or a dog training certificate obtained in the mail in 6 months!

  2. I’d still rather hear from victims, law enforcement and plastic surgeons.

    The US petcare industry is a $40 Billion a year juggernaut and they don’t want dog breeding regulated. If breed choice gets tied to criminal/civil liabilty the whole mess gets turned upside down.

  3. Vets. You never hear of them. They know the truth but stay silent. I guess they are making too much money fixing victims of pitbulls.

    Same with dog trainers. They are making lots of money selling a ‘treatment’ for agressive behavior.

  4. After their experiences, I wonder what these two men REALLY think about pit bulls. You know there is the public & professional persona and opinion and then there is the 'among friends chit chat'. Bet they sound very different from one another.

  5. The issue you point out about the dog breeding industry in interesting. Specifically your comment “If breed choice gets ried to criminal/civil liability”….The sad thing is that it IS already tied to liability and yet victims and potential victims have to fight so hard to have their appeals heard. You are so right- we are all up against a powerful machine.

  6. Oncebitten,
    The point is that an individual can breed the most badass, unstable pit bulls, sell them at will and face no product liability when they rip someone to shreds.

    I can’t think of another industry that operates without product liability.

    I believe this is crux of the debate and it is not in the “industry’s” best interest to be regulated. The behavior is remeniscient of the Tobacco industry back in the 50s and 60s when they used doctors to pimp safe cigareetes.

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