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18 thoughts on “U.S. Postal Service Letter Carrier Murdered After Dispute Escalates Over Vicious Dog and Stimulus Check Delivery

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  1. Quote: “Every year there are media reports of neighbor disputes over loose or aggressive dogs ending in gunfire and human death.” Is there any neighborhood in America where the innocent are Not constantly threatened with this specific threat? When are the loose dog people Not making this direct threat? Show me any nice/normal or better neighborhood that does not have this life and limb and death conflict fulminating above the surface. Innocent people live with the real threat of being mauling victims and/or murder victims. When the loose dog people do shoot the innocent, it may occasionally garner media attention. People who openly threaten to kill to protect their right to let their dangerous animals roam: what neighborhood does Not have such people?

  2. A hate crime too. The “the women of the house, said”I will set a pit bull loose on your white bitch ass”. Wonder if he had a permit for that gun too. He needs to be charged with more than 2nd degree too.

  3. This is why that oft-repeated bit of advice, “Talk your neighbor!” is a bunch of BS.

    We, the victims of dogs, are often told to talk to our neighbors about the dogs’ barking, growling, lunging, chasing, et cetera, and so forth.

    That’s right, just take a cuppa cawfee over to your sociopathic neighbor’s place and have a friendly little chat.

    Fat lotta good it does. It’s the kind of advice that can get you killed.

  4. This has to be one of the more tragic stories I have read on this wonderful website, and there have been plenty of those types of stories. It is hard to believe that this family either a:) couldn’t control their dog or b:) walk to the local post office and retrieve their mail. This is the height of sheer laziness. And the suspect saying, “yeah I shot her but I was just trying to scare her” is the height of perfidy. RIP Ms. Summers and I hope you rot in hell Mr. Cushingberry-Mays.

  5. Two lives were lost over a dog. The mail carrier is gone forever. The shooter will likely be locked up for many many years. Children lost their mother forever. And all over a dog. This is the epitome of stupidity. It would have been so easy if the dog’s owner had simply complied with the rules. No jail. No fine. Instead, a worker was murdered needlessly; and, no doubt, children of the shooter’s family think he did nothing wrong. Criminal activity continues.

    • Quote: “…no doubt, children of the shooter’s family think he did nothing wrong. …” You are correct. Yet, his murderous actions are not based on stupidity or laziness. Yes, the family, friends and society of the shooter think he did nothing wrong, but this thinking is not based on stupidity or lack of information, or laziness. Instead, his murderous actions, and the thinkings of his society are based on this one thing: Willfully threatening murder, and committing murder to defend their right to let their dangerous animals freely roam. Individuals, cultures and societies that are based on aggressive hate will take aggressive action to defend their their right to let their dangerous animals freely roam. The only solution is Love. The solution can only come when Love replaces hate. When individuals and societies are Love based, instead of hate based, is when individuals will no longer bear and unleash dangerous animals. Anytime dangerous animals are possessed and/or accidentally let loose and/or purposely let loose is when the responsible person is hate based, instead of Love based.

      • It would also help a lot if there was any REAL punishment of these negligent dog owners BEFORE it leads to murder. Dog owners MUST be made to understand the dog is THEIR responsibility, and there is no moral obligation to having an animal they are not willing to take proper care of..

  6. Dog owners today seem to hate responsibility. My own neighbor’s yard sounds like a kennel because they have nothing to do with their dogs other than a food and water bowl, but of course it’s MY fault for complaining that I can’t even open my door without their dogs going off like explosive diarrhea and have lost my legal RIGHT to quiet enjoyment of MY property. Not to mention the number who ignore the local leash law, and an animal control office that wants nothing to do with getting people to control their animals but only wants to be pit bull social workers.

    • KaD, your neighbors sound a lot like mine. As does your animal control.

      And that comment I wrote up there? The one about the folly of being told to talk to one’s neighbors? Well, I speak from personal experienc.

  7. “CUSHINGBERRY-MAYS stated he approached the letter carrier as she was delivering mail at 422 North Denny Street, Indianapolis, IN and asked for their mail. He asked for their mail several times and the letter carrier did not respond to him.”

    To make this even more tragic, it was unlikely she was even carrying the mail for this household. I imagine the mail would have remained on hold at the post office.

  8. What a tragic waste of the life of this mother. Heartbreaking that just trying to be responsible and safe as you carry out your work duties is enough to get you killed.

    Notice that when the “woman of the house” threatened the mail carrier with an attacking dog, she did not say that she would command the Chihuahua which started the drama to attack her. Oh no. She threatened the mail carrier with a pit bull, something that we all know is lethal. I’d like to hear pit bull apologists defend this one. So they always say that “Chihuahuas are the most vicious of all dogs.” Okay, then if that’s true the mail carrier had a very legitimate reason to suspend the mail since the Chihuahua had been coming after her on multiple occasions. So there goes their defense of “But but but… it’s just a Chihuahua, why would she be so afraid of it that she would suspend their mail? And why would she have maced a Chihuahua?” Here’s the answer… because she does not have to put up with being harassed and bitten by ANY dog while she’s just trying to perform her duties.

    Yet, still using the pit apologists’ reasoning (was that an oxymoron?) that Chihuahuas are just as dangerous as pits, then the homeowner should have threatened to have the CHIHUAHUA attack her “bitch white ass.” But she didn’t. The homeowner threatened the mail carrier with a pit bull. Because they all know, and we certainly know, that a Chihuahua is not a lethal threat. An annoyance, to be sure, and even a danger in some cases, and most definitely not something the carrier should have had to deal with just to do her job… but not deadly.

    So which is it, pit folk? Is the Chihuahua not “just as dangerous” as the pit? Or isn’t it?

  9. I’ve said before, it will be the USPS that will have the clout to make some changes to the handling of dangerous dogs in our neighborhoods. No one has the “right” to keep a dangerous dog, and they certainly have no right to inflict them on anyone else. Those who oppose the pit bull lobby have been unable (for the most part) to organize and be effective using legislation to regulate the ownership, handling and penalties related to dangerous dogs. Every USPS incident should be a catalyst to get lasting change on this issue. This is NOT “about pit bulls”; it is about “dangerous dogs”. However, it is the pit bull lobby that is hindering any real change to ordinances and statutes.

  10. Well, I just spent some time on FB reading all the good things about the killer and circular references to what he “purportedly” did. He is referred to as respectful, polite, responsible, hard-working, willing to help someone in need, sweet, charming, very loving, always pleasant, has never been seen getting angry, upset yes, scared yes, a lover of people, cool chill, super goofy, having a big heart, a love bird, a heart of gold. Yes, I feel like I’m reading descriptions about a pit bull up for “adoption” at the local shelter. The site also includes photos of the killer when he was young and before the gang-style neck tatts.

      • I suspect he has a lengthy record as a minor. Most people don’t start their life of crime with murder. Anyone impulsive enough to point and fire a loaded gun at someone over mail delivery has issues.

  11. Very sad, and so unnecessary. Dog owning is a responsibility, not a “right.” I had a neighbor who got their mail delivery stopped because of their potentially aggressive dog. They moaned and complained about it, but a month later they did the right thing and put up a fence so they could get their mail delivery back. (and it was a real fence appropriate for their dog.)

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