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5 thoughts on “7 Years After Pit Bull Attack, Victim Speaks Out

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  1. How many dog breeds “squeeze” through fences JUST to attack a child — a child who poses the dog no threat? This is where pits and fighting breeds stand apart from other breeds.

    They hunt human beings and other animals.

  2. Cesar Millan is often used by the Pit Nutters on just about any attack thread. On his show the other day, he made one revealing comment:

    “The Pit Bull is the only breed of dog that can pull over 30 times it’s body weight.”

    There will be thousands more Kaseys, due to fence bustin’, chain breakin’, leash snappin’ and window smashin’ incidents. Normal confinement measures clearly don’t work with the “Ultimate Canine Gladiator”.

    Prevent the Deed, Regulate the Breed!

  3. And the dog owner walked away with a FINE? You destroy another human beings life, and you walk away with a fine? You choose to own an animal that was selctively bred to kill without provocation, and when it behaves in a totally predictable way, and tries to kill a child, you aren’t held responsible?

    There is something really wrong with a society that would allow this to happen.

  4. The article never mentioned whether the owner paid for the medical treatment….Or was this a “first maul free” deal?

  5. It was difficult to track information on this case — news reports only stay online and are easily accessible for a matter of months. If anyone has additional information regarding this case, please post it here (with the links) and I will document this case further.

    None of these cases should be forgotten.

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