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3 thoughts on “Mail Carrier Wants Town to Pass "Vicious Dog" Law

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  1. Err? Should this dog EVER be released back to the owners? GOOD GRIEF.

    “I’ve been advised by the hospital and the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) that if my attack had been to a child or to a senior that it would have been a fatality,” he said.”

    Somebody has got their priorities screwed up, and that somebody is the Humane Society, who is “fully aware” that the SPCA said that attack would have ended in fatality for a child of senior!!!!!!!!!!!

    So hey — what a GREAT IDEA to place this dog back into the public sphere. What a GREAT IDEA!

  2. It’s becoming apparent that some animal welfare people are so emotionally involved with saving dogs that they cannot be trusted with public safety matters.

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