Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Blogger craven desires  |  7/26/2011 4:45 PM  |  Flag  
merritt, nice rebuttal, too bad your adversary is incapable of reading anything that conflicts with his position.

Blogger DubV  |  7/26/2011 6:34 PM  |  Flag  
"I would doubt that he could actually read any long book."

-C. Hitchens

Blogger vintage  |  7/27/2011 12:05 AM  |  Flag  
The Pit Breeders and Dogfighters will do and say ANYTHING to keep their businesses going!

This is a man made problem.

Blogger Bagheera Kiplingi  |  7/27/2011 12:56 AM  |  Flag  
There are approximately 105 million mothers in the U.S. right now, i.e. 105 million people who have the opportunity to commit maternal filicide.

During the 30 years 1976-2005, there were approximately 164.5 maternal filicides per year.

This suggests that there is about one identified case of maternal filicide per 638,298 mothers in the U.S. per year.

There are between 2.4 million and three million pit bull terriers in the U.S., depending on how closely one defines pit bull. Pit bulls have killed an average of 16 people per year over the past four years.

That works out to about 1 fatality per 150,000 to 187,500 pit bulls.

Which is to say that if pit bulls & mothers had equal opportunity to kill children, pit bulls would be 3-4 times more dangerous. But in actuality, practically all mothers are in the presence of their children almost every day for 20 years.

Only about half of all people who have dogs live in households with children, so even if people with children keep pit bulls at the same rate that that keep other dogs, pit bulls would have only half the total exposure to children as mothers.

Thus pit bulls are at minimum 6-8 times more likely to kill someone than a mother is likely to commit maternal filicide.

Of course there is much more to the matter than this. Filicidal mothers relatively seldom inflict disfiguring injuries to their offspring before killing them, and accordingly are seldom apprehended in the act of killing children after tearing their limbs or face off.

When the frequency of pit bull terriers disfiguring humans is taken into account, pit bulls are 35-50 times more likely to commit mayhem than human mothers.

Of greater significance, human mothers who commit filicide and/or disfigure their children are almost always belatedly recognized as severely mentally ill. Many of these mothers follow their acts of filicide by committing suicide.

Pit bull terriers who kill or disfigure humans are by contrast perfectly normal, doing what they were bred to do.

And there is nowhere on record even one case of a pit bull killing himself/herself in remorse after tearing a person apart.

OpenID truthbird  |  7/27/2011 3:27 AM  |  Flag  
Fact Cooker (love the term) Mark Robison owns a farm "sanctuary" called, CockaDoodleMoo and is connected to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the nation's premier No Kill group bent on "preserving the pit bull breed" and fronted by lobbyist Ledy VanKavage. As the primary recipient of the Vick dogs, Best Friends received a FAIL grade on rehabilitating them (just 3 dogs rehabbed after 35 months!)

It greatly upsets me that Robison would target fellow animal protection advocate Clifton and long time editor of ANIMAL PEOPLE. The two likely share many more similarities than differences. But on the single issue of relative risk posed by pit bulls -- documented by Clifton and many other authoritative groups (nationwide and globally) -- Robison's only goal was to distort data in order to discredit Clifton.

And he didn't stop there.

Robison basically told the public they were better off snuggling with a shelter pit bull (and bringing it home to children and pets) instead of being cautious with it. Robison has a lot of cute animals at his sanctuary, but surprisingly no photos of pit bulls snuggling with them. Maybe that's because pit bulls often kill farm animals (just for the heck of it).

That good old pit bull animal aggression at work again.

Clearly the central difference between Robison and Clifton is that the former is misanthropic. Clifton loves animals and people and understands when both need protection.

Blogger skeptifem  |  7/27/2011 1:46 PM  |  Flag  
Wow, that was a goooooooooood article.

Blogger craven desires  |  7/27/2011 4:31 PM  |  Flag  
DubV, we need to compete with sesame street and romper room. we need someone with the talent of dr seus to dumb our talking points. "deed not breed", "nanny dogs", "it's all how you raise 'em" and man biters were culled". then we can grab a hold of of their desperate and juvenile intellects.

truthbird, should have known that ledy vankavage and her cult were involved in this mess. i rejected the animal welfare/rights/protection movement years ago because of this kind of nonsense.

Blogger snack sized dog  |  7/27/2011 6:32 PM  |  Flag  
Great rebuttal -

Wonderful hits:

- "no one's demonstrated that pit bull attacks are "emphasized" over those of other breeds."
Thank you for highlighting that.

-"Hospitalization" is to the level of severity I am looking at more-or-less as "fender-bender" is to "head-on collision."

perfect analogy! Thank you for going into depth about that. Talking about bites is always a straw man argument never to get sucked into.

Blogger vintage  |  8/01/2011 5:48 AM  |  Flag  
Actually more like DUI Vehicular Manslaughter...

We are at almost 170 more Pit DBRFs since the CDC report. No other breed is even close.

Blogger Packhorse  |  8/02/2011 1:53 PM  |  Flag  
I'm an animal advocate and dedicated reader of Animal People, and it was Mr. Clifton's articles that alerted me to the existence of this blog.

Before that, I took the words of Best Friends and other pit bull advocates as fact. I honestly didn't know. I don't hate pit bulls, but the facts simply aren't on their side. Knowing the facts is more important than following the "bully breed" crowd.

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