2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Dies After Vicious Attack by Two Pit Bulls in Kennewick, Washington

Pit Bull Owner Faces Felony Charge and 5-Years in Prison After Attack Billene "Billi" Cameron, 65, died after a vicious attack by two pit bulls in Kennewick. Owner Faces Felony UPDATE 12/19/23: A woman has been criminally charged after the pit bull mauling death of Billene "Billi" Cameron on September 21. The Tri-City Herald reports that Sara Amilia Madrigal, 34, of Kennewick, is facing one count of dog attack leading to serious injury or death under the Washington state fel… [Read full blog post]

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Kill Woman and Her Dog, Critically Injure Man in Sierra Vista, Arizona; Dog Owners Charged

Cochise County Dog Owners Convicted of Felony Charges A pair of pit bulls killed Helene Jackson and critically injured a 53-year old man. Dog Owners Sentenced UPDATE 04/17/24: A Cochise County judge sentenced the owners of a pair of pit bulls to seven years of probation and a short jail stint in connection to the fatal pit bull mauling of Helene Jackson in June 2023. Judge Jason Lindstrom described the crime scene-related photos he viewed before the sentencing as "nightmaris… [Read full blog post]

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man, 66, Killed by Rescue Pit Bull After Trying to Break up a Dog Fight in East Tulsa

Don Gibson, 66, was killed by a rescue pit bull after trying to break up a dog fight. Rescue Dog Kills Man Tulsa, OK - It was reported Wednesday that a man was hospitalized in critical condition after being attacked by one or more of his rescue pit bulls and later died of his injuries. EMSA responders said there were eight dogs at the scene. Tulsa Animal Control took three of the dogs into custody. The victim's wife then asked to reclaim two of those dogs that she did not believe initia… [Read full blog post]

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Multiple Pit Bull-Mixes While Trying to Save Own Dog in Northwest Houston

A man was killed by multiple pit bull-mixes after trying to save his own dog in northwest Houston. Man Killed by Dogs Houston, TX - A 69-year old man was killed by multiple dogs in northwest Houston Wednesday.1 The attack occurred around 4:15 pm in the 5500 block of Sheraton Oaks Drive, which is between Antoine Drive and the West Oaks Bayou, according to police. Arriving officers found the man still being attacked by one of the dogs in his backyard. As officers approached him, one… [Read full blog post]