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39 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Kill Woman and Her Dog, Critically Injure Man in Sierra Vista, Arizona

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  1. Are people trying to let their dogs kill as many people as possible? Will people eventually get so used to the killings that no one will care anymore? Or will
    people stop breeding pitbulls and figure out that pitbulls can and will kill people?

    A friend in doggy school told me she crated every one of her dogs if a baby or young child came over. Yet I don’t think any of her dogs were dangerous.

    Maybe pitbull owners are stupid and careless. I like my dogs too much to allow an attack. Attacking dogs are usually euthanized.

    • Yes, they are trying to normalize death by supposedly domesticated dogs. When I posted on my small town’s fb group about a loose pitbull menacing me while I was walking with my dog, people went ballistic. A few were supportive but many were not. I was called an idiot and told “pitbulls aren’t aggressive”. When I presented statistics, one said “That’s only feral pitbulls” and another said “Deer kill more people”. They absolutely want to normalize it – when a pit kills a baby, they’ll say “Well, a dog of ANY breed should never be left alone with a child” (even though often the baby isn’t even alone with the dog), as though killing a child if the dog is not hovered over at every moment is normal domesticated dog behavior. Makes me furious.

      • Those weren’t “people”. This is spiritual in nature and an evil force is working through all of those minds and typing fingers.

        Truth is attacked in this matrix by all the agents working for the evil one.

  2. I’m so tired of it ALWAYS being pitbulls, because let’s be honest it is 90% of the time. I’m tired of hearing it’s not the breed it’s how they’re raised, that’s not true. Just like human genetics are carried down, animals are no different than humans with predictable genetic disorders aggression being one. I remember not too long ago the founder of a pitbill group was mauled to death here in AZ by his own pitbulls. Enough is enough and people need to open their eyes to this breed.

    • People today accept killer dogs. “They were abused.”
      How is any dog more important than a baby? Years ago farmers shot aggressive dogs. Pitbulls wouldn’t have survived. Many if not most Americans don’t want to hear of pitbulls killing people. Just sweep it under the rug.

      • This is so true! If you try to tell most people that pit bulls are dangerous they will argue with you about how great these dogs are and when you send them stories of their victims they start screaming about the gruesome stories being toll upsetting and they don’t want to ead them! Leving you with the only option of getting out of their lives to protect your own even if they’re family or long time friends and it’s just sad! What do you d when the mailers explode? Tell them you told them so as t the sir children lay dying in the hospital or worse the neighbors little ones?

  3. As tragic as this case is, I think that it’s a good thing that it happened in Cochise County rather than here in Pima County, Arizona.

    Why am I saying such a thing?

    Because Cochise is a much more rural county than Pima, and in rural counties, unruly animals get put down all the time.

    Over here in Pima, if the police had shot the dogs dead, there would have been a huge public outcry. To the point where our local animal rights mafia would be doxxing those officers.

    After all, we wouldn’t want to hurt the poor widdle doggie woggies, now would we? I mean, come on, they were just trying to play and they didn’t mean to harm anyone.

    So, why not guide them gently off to the $22 million Pima Animal Care Center and adopt them out to some other loving fur-ever home?

    (Sarcasm off.)

  4. Sheesh in what three days pitbull killed at least four people already.there was a story where a mom had a baby daughter and a pitbull pupppy she left her daughter unattended and her puppy chew off her finger.and the pro pitbull was like saying it not the pitbull fault the puppy is chewing that puppies are in a chewing phase,no matter what you tell them they will never accept that pitbull are dangerous dogs.

    • I, too, saw the story about the pitbull pup chewing off the infant’s fingers. Horrifying! We are now normalizing death by dog, and giving a baby a disability for the rest of her life. The same old crap is spewed about not leaving ANY dog alone with a child. In videos of pitbull puppies “playing” they’re often going for blood. I detest these dogs, and I’m seeing more and more of them. They’re truly repulsive with their dead eyes.

      • Teresa, we are indeed being inundated with pit bulls and the culture around these dogs allows open season on anyone who speaks out about the damage inflicted by these dogs.
        I recently had surgery and my surgeon could not stop gushing about his pit bulls. He is a plastic surgeon. Certainly he has seen the damage inflicted by these monsters or has colleagues who have been affected.
        How do we stop this madness?
        I am a veterinarian and struggle with policy as to when and how to see these “dogs”. We constantly deal with people and rescues who lie and call their dog a “boxer” or “lab” or “hound”. It is a joke. We will change the breed on the records to reflect pit bull if we visually identify it as such. People flip out and their anger is palpable. We fire clients who do not spay or neuter their pit bulls, or refuse service if they are intact. I would like to see them spayed and neutered out of existence. Seems like an uphill battle. The rescues are pushing these dogs out the doors in appalling numbers and stand by these dogs like a cult guards their leader. Truthfully, 60-80 % of dogs entering shelters now should be euthanized due to behavioral problems and being pits and pit crosses.
        I will always put a child over a dog. Where has our sanity gone?

        • Where has sanity gone? Indeed, Boston.

          Out the window, clearly. Nobody used to think of pitbulls as pets. NO. BOD. Y. Only dogfighters owned them. Note that none of them were palming them off as “pets”.

          Dogs used to be generally friendly animals that played tag with children, followed old people around hoping something interesting to eat might drop off their lap and fetched balls. They slept on floors and didn’t steal off the kitchen table. Sometimes they were big, small, mutts or purebreds but they were dogs. They didn’t have baskets full of toys and a box of Milkbones was a treat, not an expectation.

          People were people, not walking treat dispensers using them for crying towels. There was a relationship of mutual respect and admiration, not some weird belief in “furbabies”.

          Nobody tolerated dogs that bit children. Most that did, didn’t survive long enough to breed–thus, most dogs were human-friendly, even the guarding breeds.

          Now we have nuts that think “save them all” even when one breed has clearly pulled out in front as an apex predator capable of doing serious damage to our own species.

          That’s the height of lunacy.

        • Thank you for doing what you can, stay safe, you have every right to refuse service to pits for you and your staffs safety.

          A vet was just horribly mauled in GA trying to sedate a pit. Please do not risk your or your staff’s safety!

        • Thank you for fighting this battle without people like you they will not be slowed down even! If there were more vets like you we’d be safe walking our pets! I was sitting in the living room with a cat & my service dog when a pit bull came by & started trying to get in the house and attempted to attack the cat first & then the dog. My dog did not even bark, yet this vicious animal was determined to kill him! I video taped it & my daughter yelled at her to muzzle her Vicious dog! She probably won’t but when it attacks someone I’ll be sure to share this video!

  5. A Sierra Vista community website brings a comprehensive overview of dog attacks in recent years. On this attack, a resident brings up the livability of the area, an important point for the entire state, including tourist travel to Arizona.

    The SVPD is fielding calls from across the country regarding this death.

    Community outcry over woman mauled to death in dog attack

      • Colleen, as soon as I sent the link to the blog, it closed on me w a paywall for several tries. Please advise if this works for you and others after I just sent this to your email.

        BTW, have you noticed that DBO links are never featured in Google Alerts?

  6. We went quite a while without a death by dog, now it seems we’re making it up. Dogs are one of the reasons I want to retire and go somewhere rural, where I can’t hear the neighbors dogs bark, and if they come onto my property I can dispatch them.

    • People in rural areas can have dogs get lost. Beagles and coonhounds can get lost hunting. I am in a rural area, and my family’s dog years ago was killed by a pitbull.

      What I do is catch the dogs if at all possible and turn them over to Animal Control to take them to the county’s no kill shelter. This gives the owner a chance to claim them. I think the last dog I caught was a cattledog.

      I laughed when I was talking to a neighbor and saw a dog there. I said at least I know where he lives. I’d sent him to doggy jail once, but other folks had sent him twice. He was a small harmless dog.

      I have no tolerance for loose pitbulls.
      I’ve had umpteen people try to get me to board them. I don’t deal with pitbull dogs or their owners.

  7. This exemplifies why people who choose to own bloodsport dogs should have the same insurance and containment criteria as people who own bears or tigers.

  8. I think the time is right for the national media to get involved by having a major network produce a segment or investigative report on the current public health crisis this country is in with the overabundance of this extremely dangerous killer canine breed, the pit bull. I guarantee it would have huge viewer ratings. It would be controversial as pit bull lovers are a cult of sort and nothing is going to get them to change their minds. What it may accomplish however is to educate those who have no knowledge of the danger of pit bulls and may literally save lives. Personally I always knew pitbulls were viscous animals but until I stumbled on to this website, I had no idea of the magnitude of the problem. The vast majority of Americans have no idea either. Until the story is told on a nationwide television prime time news story, the killing and maiming of humans by pitbulls will continue and increase exponentially. How do we get this to happen?

    • Eddie Jay, As a broadcast journalist I have tried repeatedly to get 60 Minutes or 20/20 to cover this issue. And, you’re right, it very controversial. The only national show that will even touch this subject is Inside Edition. Last year, I really thought when the two children in Tennessee was mauled to death by their “family” pit bulls (and their mother gravely injured) that that story would be covered far and wide. The New York Post and some London newspapers went fairly deep. But no big national TV coverage. Why? Follow the money; the behemoth pet industry that advertises heavily on the networks, the heavily funded Humane Society and the ASPCA. Yes, it’s despicable. I honestly don’t know what it will take to educate the public to the threat from these bloodsport mutants. As you know, the shelters pose these killers in party hats and rabbit ears. People are duped into thinking a dog is a dog is a dog. The dog sitter who was mauled by 2 dogs (one a pit mix) and faces a life of misery is still appearing on national TV, recently on Dr. Phil. Judge Judy is also a pit hater. I love it when she reams out pit owners. Colleen Lynn is an incredible investigative journalist with a lot of guts. More and more people are becoming aware of this site, not enough…but there’s some hope the message will be heard.

      • Heavily funded Humane Society and the ASPCA? Well, what is the source that funding?

        Are the funds just falling out of the sky? Is it being unearthed like buried treasure?

        I didn’t think so.

        Instead, these organizations are being funded by people who are donating their hard-earned money.

        Want to dry up that source of funding? Well, that’s easy. STOP donating!

  9. I wish that was only who was funding these people, Quiet–it would be so much easier.

    But…buy a bag of dog food and they send a portion of your money to this organization or that one. Buy a dog toy and 10% goes to some pitbull saving shelter. The list is endless. The pet industry is supporting these cultists and sadly, pet owners have no way to stop this egregious use of their money because we all need that bag of kibble once a month.

    The amount given by your sad, cat-loving granny is nothing compared to the kind of money being shoveled into this nonsense by billionaires and corporations.

    What’s completely absurd is that while the average pet owner buys say, a mid-cost pet food that’s supporting all this insanity, pitbull owners overwhelmingly buy the cheapest no-name cancer-causing corn-stuffed kibble from the grocery store.

    As for all the mainstream media, well there’s a pantload of non-mainstream media right now that gets far more eyeballs on it than legacy media. It’s some of those channels that may eventually be able to get the word out–except for them, it means being harassed and their channels silenced by the pitbull lobby cultists when they have bigger political fish to fry.

    All we can do is that this becomes controversial enough for them to start covering it, in depth, at some point.

      • Why wouldn’t the pet industry be a major funder?

        I mean, come on. Think of the virtue signaling! Especially from being publicly associated with RESCUE groups!

  10. Add in every clout-chasing celebrity and idiot influencer shilling on TikTok.

    They don’t even know what’s in their lipstick but by the Doggess, they are sterling professionals on how misunderstood pitbulls, are.

    First class ticket to “saving the victim” status. Only the victim is an apex predator.

  11. The more pit bulls are sold to irresponsible people, the more dangerous the world is getting. I don’t go out for walks any more. I would rather die of a heart attack than to be mauled to death by a dog.

  12. Thankfully the prosecutor was able to put together a criminal case against the owners. We definitely need to see more of these cases to shake up the pit bull advocacy community.

  13. I am 84 years old and had a Pitbull attack me and my 7 pound “Yorkie”. My wounds were not bad, but my dog had several ribs broken and bleeding wounds. I took him to an emergency Vet and spent $2,000 for his wounds.

  14. As a person who has visited and enjoyed Sierra Vista, it’s encouraging to see that this tragedy is being prosecuted somewhat appropriately.

    Although If I were wearing the judicial robe, I would have at least sentenced the pit owners to being pilloried upon the “Wheel of Progress” for an hour so that they duly and justly receive a showering of eggs, rotted produce, barnyard manure, and other items that tend to splatter but not bruise. Last word from the bench- would acknowledge excited expectation for the sliver lining looming on the horizon in the way of a civil tort claim of truly epic proportions won on behalf of any plaintiff against the two defendants. {who hopefully aren’t moving to a town near you.}

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