Blogger Seeks Justice for Vanessa Carlton After Pit Bull Biting Incident

Justice for Vanessa Shohola, PA - Back in May, singer-songwriter and pianist Vanessa Carlton was jogging in rural Shohola when she was attacked by a loose pit bull. Carlton's story shows how pit bull advocates and No-Kill fanatics swarm to save dangerous pit bulls and the devious tactics they employ in the process. In the instance of Carlton, and with the help of Pocono Record writer Howard Frank, they successfully portrayed the biting pit bull, named Bella, and it's owner as… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Owner Lies After Dog Declared 'Dangerous,' Dog Attacks Again

Alorah Havern and her mother Julie Havern, November 10, 2009. 1-12 Month Sentence UPDATE 06/29/10: On May 3, Matthew J. Havern pleaded guilty to charges of dog attack causing serious injury, failing to register a dangerous dog, failure to maintain liability insurance for a dangerous dog, and failure to obtain a rabies shot and a license for his dog. In exchange for his plea, the Erie County District Attorney's Office dropped the critical and more serious charges of reckless… [Read full blog post]

The Pit Bull Bite: Pet Pit Bull Bites Off Owner's Hand

Victim in ICU Paradise Township, PA - In a developing story, a pet pit bull severed the hand of its owner. Police found 48-year old John M. Venezia lying in his hallway unconscious with his hand bitten off. State police shot and killed the pit bull when it lunged at an officer trying to give aid to Venezia. The victim was taken by ambulance to Pocono Medical Center where he remains in intensive care. There is no question that had police not arrived when they did, Venezia would have bl… [Read full blog post]

Pennsylvania Towns Seek Pit Bull Laws; Must Lift State Anti-BSL Measure

Ransom is Euthanized UPDATE 07/30/09: The owner of Ransom, Oliver Yawn, called the dog "vicious" and surrendered it to the state to be euthanized. Yawn said he "didn't want to deal with the BS" of obtaining thousands of dollars in liability insurance and appearing in court. He also blamed the attack on the sound of the landscaper's weed whacker. Yet a week earlier, the dog broke through the home's 6-foot wooden fence and chased 21-year old Amanda Gray, who was not utilizing any… [Read full blog post]

James Harrison's Pit Bull 'Patron' is Up for Adoption Under New Breed Name

From left: MK (Mary Kay) Kain, Patron the "rehabilitated" triple mauler. Breed Mislabeling Pittsburgh, PA - The Post-Gazette published a "glowing" article about James Harrison's pit bull named Patron. Last month, the dog attacked Harrison's 2-year old son, his wife and another woman sending all three to the hospital. After the multiple assaults, Harrison chose to "rehome" the dog instead of euthanizing it. As stated back then, the dog would likely be renam… [Read full blog post]

Steelers Linebacker James Harrison's Pit Bull Attacks His Son

The family pet: Patron, a 4-year old male pit bull. Unidentified New Owner UPDATE 05/30/09: It was reported today that after James Harrison's pit bull attacked three people in a continuous assault -- including his own wife and son -- and sent all three people to the hospital, Harrison is "rehoming" his pit bull instead of having it euthanized. The unidentified new owner that lives in an unidentified location reportedly "specializes in rehabilitating pit bulls." According… [Read full blog post]

Animal Agency, PSPCA, Distorts History of 25-Year Old Pit Bull Problem

Pit Bulls Attack Owner Germantown, PA - It was reported last week that two male pit bull-mixes attacked their owner and his son. Paramedics rushed both to Albert Einstein Medical Center after the vicious attack. Authorities say the two dogs escaped from their backyard through a hole in the fence and ended up in their neighbor's yard. When the 13-year old son went to retrieve the dogs, he was severely mauled in the face and arms. When his father ran to help him, they attacked him, t… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Brianna Shanor, 8-Years Old, Killed by Chained Dog in Hanover

Charges Unlikely in Fatal Attack UPDATE 01/21/09: In a disturbing update, police say that they don't expect to charge the owner of the chained dog that killed 8-year old Brianna. It is well documented that the combination of a chained and powerful breed of dog, such as a rottweiler, is a deadly combination to children. Furthermore, the girl had only been living in the household for a few weeks. There were no witnesses to the fatal attack, so it is unknown if the dog -- now being des… [Read full blog post]