2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 'Ax Men' Jesse Browning's Stepdaughter Killed by Rottweiler

Ashlynn Anderson, 4-years old, was killed by one of her step-father's rottweilers. Female Rottweiler archived UPDATE 03/02/10: It has been clarified that the victim, Ashlynn Anderson, was Jesse Browning's stepdaughter. Ashlynn spent half of each week at the home of her father and the other half with her mother, D'Ette Browning, and Jesse. Apparently, the two paired up when Ashlynn was about a year old. Jay Browning, Jesse's father, said the girl's mother went out to check… [Read full blog post]

3rd Documented Bite by Pit Bull in Washington County

2 Bites Too Many Aloha, OR - It was recently reported that a Washington County pit bull bit a boy as he road his electric scooter on a sidewalk. Prior to this incident, the pit bull had bitten on two separate occasions. After each bite, the dog was given back to its owner. Back in February, in the same county, two pit bulls killed two dogs owned by Karyn St. John. The pit bull owner had five previous complaints, two of which involved attacks. Thus far, the owner has only been issued cita… [Read full blog post]

Oregon Senator, Bruce Starr, Wants to Ban 'New' Ownership of Pit Bulls

Stop the MaulingsPortland, OR - Senator Bruce Starr of Oregon recently introduced a bill that would create a statewide ban on the future ownership of pit bulls. The bill follows a series of severe pit bull attacks that have occurred in Oregon. This type of law, which makes the breeding of future pit bulls illegal, acts to choke off future maulings and pit bulls bred for the purposes of dogfighting. The bill has not yet had its first reading on the Senate floor; this is expected in 1… [Read full blog post]

Pair of Pit Bulls Attack Molalla Man Christmas Morning

Dogs Will Be Euthanized UPDATE 12/30/08: The two dogs suspected in a Christmas attack on Christopher Friesen will be euthanized. A resident spotted the dogs days after the attack, trapped (or dumped) inside the building foundation of a former lumber mill. The dogs were described as highly aggressive. Authorities are now calling the dogs American Bully-mixes, which is a modern breed line derived by breeding the American Pit Bull Terrier to the American Staffordshire terr… [Read full blog post]