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30 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: 5-Year Old Boy Killed by Pit Bull in Baker County, Oregon

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  1. This is the 100th US Pit Bull DBRF since President Obama took office 4.6 years ago. It took President Bush almost 8 years to hit the 100 Piticide mark.

    No others have come close. Congratulations Mr. President!

  2. Once again I had to look twice at this page to make sure I was seeing a new post.

    I just can not believe it.
    Three children killed this week while at the babysitters.

    And yet there seems to be no tipping point as to when enough is going to be enough with pit bulls.

  3. I just have to say, I am a bit puzzled that so little media attention has been given to this child's murder. I don't think of this as an "accident", because having pit bulls around children is a calculated risk that adults take. Why is there NO information about the dog or it's owner? If a child is hit and killed by a car, the driver is named. Why are the police withholding this information? Why aren't members of the community sharing this information? Maybe by making the details public, someone will come forward with information relative to the investigation, like whether or not the dog has bitten before.
    There are no details given on the dog, either….who owns it, how old is it, how long has the owner had it? Did it come from a rescue group who told the adopter it was friendly?

    It seems like the local authorities and media are protecting the dog owner.

  4. Special Governor Mention:

    Congratulations to longstanding Texas Governor Rick Perry for recently governing over his 32nd Pit Bull DBRF!

    Texas has a prohibition against BSL, so always remember "BSL doesn't work for dog fighters, pit bull breeders and Pit Bull Rescues!"

  5. Wake up America! Get Rid of those Demon possessed Dogs. Get them out of your homes! Get them away from your Families! Get them out of your cities! Get them out of your country! Get them out of this world! God help you all!

  6. Mary Lane has a Facebook page. Among other things, she has a photo of her beloved fatally attacking pit bull still posted. Her only two Fav TV shows are "Pit Bulls and Parolees" and "Pit boss" and she also belongs to groups called "Oregon Pit Bulls" & "Loyal Pit bull fans." Check it out now, before she takes it down…

  7. That Oregon pit group has lots of photos of children being used as props to show off their mutants (some with nuts) – some kids are using them as pillows – where have we heard that before?
    They were cooing over ugly Bentley earlier. The silence is deafening now that he killed a child. Is Lane an animal abuser now that her pittie-poo flexed his DNA? More than likely they will imagine up something along the lines of the child taunting the ultimate nanny.

  8. Like Darla Napora, the owner was a nutter who learned the truth in the ugliest possible way. Thank you for posting the photos of the killer pit–it will be quite difficult for nutters to claim that thing is a Lab or a Chihuahua.

  9. Just weeks before this dog killed a child, Mary Lane posted pictures of him, off leash, in a public park, with children. Some rescue group adopted out this dangerous dog to a fast food worker,(whose employment credits include McDonalds and Taco Time) a single mother of five small children. Not one person in the community seems to care that this was a completely preventable death, and that other children are at risk because this rescue group will continue to adopt out dangerous dogs to people like Mary Lane.

    This attack has troubled me, because of the complete lack of outrage coming from the Baker City community, with the exception of a few individuals who had the courage to write letters to the editor. I cannot believe that the friends, neighbors, classmates parents, friends and family of the victim, do not demand to know where the dog came from, and will not make that information public. There may be someone out there who adopted a pit bull from this same group, who is ignoring behavioral red flags, and who is setting the stage for another child's death. Maybe finding out that the same group that told them their dog was safe, adopted out a child killer, would wake them up and convince them to get rid of the dog.

    If this happened in my local elementary school, it would take me all of 24 hours to find that information, whether or not I knew the child. These rescue groups are literally murdering children, and there is not one shred of public outrage. This child died a horrible, violent, terrifying, agonizing death….he was torn apart by a vicious animal. And I am sure that, as I type this, the individual who adopted out Bentley, is right now trying to find a home for yet another pit bull who "just loves kids", and who may end up mauling or killing another child.

    So, to the folks in Baker City…. have your memorials for this poor, dead child, light candles, say prayers, sing kumbaya….but, for God's sake, don't demean his short life by calling this an accident and walking away. You can prevent this from happening to another child by exposing the group responsible for placing that killer dog.

    • Been wondering the very same thing about these rescue organizations. I believe that animal planet would protect Tia Torres to the end of the earth if her dogs are killing people, as if there have been reports and they were made public, pit bulls and parolees would not be such a cute show after all. Anything like that shouldn't even be on the air. They are peddling danger and getting away with it. There is absolutely no way on earth she has handled and passed along this money pit bulls and not the responsible for maulings, maimings disfigurements and death.

  10. Wouldn't it be amazing if a pro pit group paid for the childs funeral. I am not holding my breath.

    This was no accident. It is predictable.

    This dog flexed its genetics while still a puppy. If that does not wake people up to the monster that lurks inside this breed, I do not think anything will.

    Bravo Branwynne, well said as usual.

  11. So one pit bull was not enough for Mary who probably has her hands full with an 11 month pit bull puppy, five children of her own and babysitting for others…………

    Great idea to bring another dog into this mix, oh and a breed of dog not known-even to nutters- to get along with other dogs.

    That information should take the word "accident" off of anyones lips.

  12. God what a hideous, evil-looking dog.

    I will not be nominating her for any Parent of the Year awards, but I don't think her employment in fast food restaurants is germane. It's hard work and an honest living (that doesn't pay a living wage).

    But that DOG. Why?

  13. Point well taken, Miss Margo….I think the point I was trying to make was that being a single mother, with five small children, with no college degree, whose limited to working in a low wage, fast food job on her feet all day…..does anyone believe this is the type of person who has the time, energy, and knowledge to deal with MULTIPLE large, potentially dangerous, high drive dogs? Isn't this a classic recipe for disaster?

    The fact is, no ethical hobby breeder would sell this woman a dog. She would not have been able to get a dog from my dogs breeder, based on her profile. She would not have been able to get a dog from my local Golden Retriever Rescue, based on her profile. If she had Bentley since he was a puppy, he either came from some crappy back yard breeder, or some crazy rescue group. The killer dog Taz either came from a rescue group, or Mary Lane just got it off Craigslist or somewhere similar, and told people she "rescued" it.

    As far as I can see, if Mary Lane decided to "rescue" a stray pit bull, or get one off CL, and then exposed a strange child to a potentially dangerous dog, she is guilty of criminal negligence, or maybe even manslaughter. If, however, she got this dog from a "rescue group", who assured her that the dog "loved kids", was perfect for a low income single mother of five, then she may not be criminally negligent….she may be just another emotionally needy, unhappy woman with a lukewarm IQ who needs to keep having/acquiring more and more kids and dogs to fill whatever emotional void she has within her. I think where the dog came from matters in this investigation.

    I also think that I would NOT trust Mary Lane, or her friends, assessment of her dog Bentley's temperament, since she has already caused the death of one child by misreading her recently acquired "rescue" dog, so anything she or her friends have to say about what a great dog Bentley is should be ignored.

    It's too late for Jordan Ryan, but maybe another child's life can be saved by better reporting of these fatal dog attacks. Maybe another parent will decide NOT to let their kids play at a house with a "rescued" pit bull. Maybe someone will come forward with information as to where the dog came from, so potential adopters can be warned NOT to adopt from that group.

  14. It's amazing that trafficking a dog for fighting is a felony, but trafficking a dog for killing a child is a non infraction. Meanwhile, the nutters protect the identities of these organizations like America's nuclear launch codes.

    Shut these outfits down!

  15. Juries aren't insensitive, but they have to follow the law as the judge instructs it to them. The problem is in the laws that give vicious dogs too many chances and allow people to own these ambulatory grenades without bearing responsibility for what they've chosen.

    In the UK, the owner of the vicious pit bull type dogs that killed Jade Anderson (American Bulldog and so-called Am Staff type pit bulls) has also gotten away scot free. UK law doesn't consider attacks on private property a crime, not even if the dead person was an invited guest. The Crown Prosecutor tried to at least get a verdict of animal cruelty, even though that wasn't really why the pit bull type dogs killed. All this owner had done was do the kind of thing the pit nutters recommend (lockdown). She got off with a four month suspended sentence for that.

    The problem isn't in the justice system, at least not most of all. It's in our thoroughly corrupt lawmakers. In Jordan Ryan's case, it looks like there's also a problem with corrupt police departments that don't thoroughly investigate specifically pit bull type dog killings…because too many police officers (and/or their superiors?) are fans of pit bulls too.

    Good move that is submitting questions to put pressure on this cover-up system!

  16. That poor boy. This is just heartbreaking. It's the shows like Pit Boss and Dog Whisperer that fool people like Mary Lane into believing those dogs are safe and just "misunderstood". And then an innocent boy pays with his life, and hardly anyone seems to care.

  17. I am this boys grandma and I have demanded answers and I get swept away saying that I am bitter Hell yes I am BITTER and pissed the fuck off not only does she love "her bentley" and her rescue animals more then her 5 children it seems to me all of different fathers it makes me sleep better at night knowing I have to get up in the morning and go to work to pay my taxes to keep the wefare system going so BITCHES like her can feed all their rescue animals on the states bill when she cant even afford to feed her children and now Im giddy inside to find out that my taxes are going to pay her $500.00 fine that she got to kill my grandson so whoever you are that says the family isnt outraged you are sadly mistaking I am one outraged and pissed grandmother

  18. Lori, I am very sorry for your loss. It is an outrage that Mary Lane will pay a $500 fine, a slap on the wrist, rather than serve time in prison for manslaughter.

    I know your grieving family is outraged. I think the prosecutor should have done more, and the city council, too. They should be working day and night to get answers and get justice for him.

  19. Thank you for your thoughts and the way it was explained to me it is very hard to prove the landlord neglegent and attorneys want money up front since there is no money to be made her being a poor single mother but i am not going down quietly just have to collect my thoughts get more educated and i will come out swinging i refused to go off half cocked and sound like one of these uneducated pro pitbull advicates that i have heard from and been confronted with since this happened

  20. Lori, I am so very, very sorry for the loss of your grandson. What I have come to realize is that the local media chose not to cover your grandson's death in a responsible manner. It doesn't appear that any of the several local media outlets reached out to the victims family; instead they appeared sympathetic to the dog owner.

    I think you should contact one of the local papers or news stations and see if they will do a follow up and let you speak your mind. It is absolutely outrageous that Mary Lane is taking public assistance and using it to feed her "rescued" pit bulls, instead of her children. She should have been charged with SOMETHING….child endangerment, manslaughter, etc. Instead she walks away with a modest fine.

    Don't stop speaking out, Lori, the prosecutor and city council should be ashamed. Keep your grandson's memory alive….he was an innocent child, murdered by a selfish pit bull owner, apparently with the blessing of local prosecutors. Don't let them forget what they have done to your family.

  21. One more though…. to Lori, if Mary Lane was on public assistance, I am guessing she was a renter? Have you and your family talked with a lawyer about suing the landlord for letting his tenant harbor dangerous dogs on the property?

  22. i am the cousin of this young boy that died i just turned 16 years old i was 13 when this happened and im still going through the griving stages. my aunt lori horn was and still is verrry upset and everyone is in the family i wish i was there cause if i was there that dog would be dead in my arms blood and all then the kid would be safe i would of died for him he he he had more to live than 5 years he had 90 more years on him. but life goes on and soon ill be playing with him and have some funnnnn.

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