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20 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills Owner in Baker City Who Tried to Stop a Dog Fight Inside His Home

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  1. No one should be allowed to have six pit bulls because no one can handle six pit bulls. Most people can’t handle even one when it goes pit. BSL protects people from their own stupidity.

    • On a game dog forum, the discussion turned to pits as pets.

      One man said he thought it pits could be safe, but cautioned
      Only get a young puppy to raise, never accept an older puppy or an adult
      Keep it away from all other pets and animals for life.
      Only own one dog at a time
      Only own a female.

  2. Just another sweet wiggle butt pibble who licked its owner to death. I’m sure they wagged their tails the whole time.

    The proverb “live by the sword, die by the sword” seems to be fitting for these land shark owners who are being killed by their “pet” of choice. I’ll change it to “live by the pit, die by the pit.”

    I’d be willing to bet a large amount of money that if Mr. Segerdahl had owned 6 Chihuahuas – the most vicious breed ever, according to pit nutters- he’d still be very much alive and utilizing Band-Aids for the superficial wounds caused by breaking up a Chihuahua fight.

    I am never happy when someone dies so violently and preventably, and I feel terrible for Mr. Sergerdahl’s family, but I am always relieved when the person murdered by a pit bull was the dog’s owner. It’s too often that it’s a child, relative, or neighbor of the offending creature’s owner. When you choose to own an animal (or 6 of them) bred for explosive, unpredictable violence, that gets aroused by death and pain, and wags its tail while eviscerating, decapitating, and dismembering its victims, then YOU should face the consequences – not unsuspecting innocents.

  3. I can’t imagine how horrific a fight involving six pit bulls would be, especially one that ended up with three fatalities. It probably looked and sounded like someone opened up the gates to Hell.

    Thank goodness they euthanized those dogs. There are people commenting on the news story who are lamenting the fact they were euthanized, and no doubt those idiots would make an attempt to save these dogs.

  4. If it were just the owners and other pits that died by their own pits I’d be totally fine with the thinning of the herd.

  5. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of attacks on people who are in late middle age to senior age.

    This large number of older pit owners contradicts the general assumption that pit fans tend to be young adults in their 20s.

    Any thoughts/theories on why we’re seeing a bump in the number of older adults being mauled by their own pit bulls?

    • They’ve probably taken a big drink of the animal rescue Kool-Aid.

      And I’ll lay you dollars to donuts that they donate money to animal groups, including their local shelter. Which would never EVER lie to them about those dear, sweet widdle pibbles that are looking so sad and need a forever home.

        • Following the links, I went to the Pima Country animal control site. At least half of the dogs are pit bulls. That’s pretty typical for a large shelter. However, there’s no way that half of the dog population in the US is composed of pit bulls.

          Honestly, that so many pit bulls end up at shelters suggests there’s something wrong here. Either these dogs are, on average, less suitable as pets than other breeds, and/or the people who seek them out are frequently irresponsible dog owners. I think it’s a combination of both. Aside from the fatal maulings these dogs cause, they are a huge drain on municipal finances. Large numbers of them seem to have to be cared for at public animal shelters. Pit bull breeders are basically a huge drain on society in terms of public health and finances.

    • 2 thoughts: 1) my local shelter has had “free pitbull” weekends, where the adoption and other fees are waived for people adopting a pitbull. I would assume other shelters have similar “deals.” Senior age people & people with children, are more likely to be on a limited income than middle age people, and hence I think more likely to take advantage of this “free” offer. Even though sadly they are are most at risk from pits. 2) I think Pits often “cull the herd”, meaning they go for the weakest in the herd (people) around them, which will be children and seniors.

  6. The other day at my job we had a client drop off her pit mix for surgery. There were notes on the dogs chart indicating that the dog needs to be muzzled because he tried to bite. So, our protocol if we know that a dog is a biter, is to place a sticker on the cage ticket that reads “may bite”. Well, the owner saw the sticker and said “oh, he doesn’t bite, he just does not do well with new and my co worker was lleading the dog to our surgery area,that dog bit my coworker on the hand . My co worker was not even trying to touch he dog as he had his hands away from him. “Doesn’t bite” …my ass. One think that has been confirmed on almost a daily basis at my job is that ALL of the clients the we have that own pits, pitmixes, “boxer mixes” and what have you have this same mentality. They are idiots.

  7. My neighbor owns one of these beasts (a huge male) and refuses to leash it. I have to be very careful when going out to make sure the thing is inside. It’s aggressive and jumps on and chases people. She grabs it by the collar when she’s close enough but otherwise just yells at it hoping it will stop. One day I will see that dog snap and I can only hope it doesn’t kill someone. I’ve alerted animal control to no effect. I had a relative mauled by a friendly family pibble and they had reconstructive surgery. These dogs are lethal.

    • Get a battery powered chainsaw and keep it charged and available.

      Practice on logs and branches.
      If a dog attacks, end the attack.

    • I would look into whatever self-defense methods are legal in your area (ie conceal carry, stun gun, pit break stick.) It is disgusting that your neighbor is ignoring the obvious problems in her dog and waiting for it to kill someone. Please do what you need to, to protect yourself.

  8. A t-shirt site I occasionally browse was advertising a new shirt design as this story was breaking. It’s an image of a pit bull with the phrase “Pitty Party.”

    It struck me that this incident was the ultimate “pitty party.”

  9. Why should anyone be allowed to have a KENNEL in a residential community? That alone is ridiculous, much moreso with this kind of breed.

  10. His friend needs to have her head examined. If the dogs fought to the death, which ones does she think won? Also, the police did not know which dogs killed the man.

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