2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills 3-Week Old Girl in Detroit

Insights from Behaviorist The funeral for 3-week old Tarilyn Luciana Bowles, mauled to death by a family pit bull while strapped into a child safety seat, is scheduled for Wednesday. DogsBite.org along with commenters have been repelled by the statement by the owner of the dog blaming the deadly attack on the animal smelling "baby formula on the infant's clothes." The endless denialism by the owners of these dogs after a violent or fatal attack, as in the case of Tarilyn, is re… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Oklahoma Woman Killed by Pit Bull in Her Home

Nellie Davis, 61-years old, was killed by her granddaughter's pet pit bull. Insights from Behaviorists DogsBite.org along with commenters have become alarmed at the misleading rationale that a "normal" response by a "noise-sensitive" dog is to attack and kill a family member when under the duress of loud sounds, like the crack of thunder. It is even more disconcerting that a police captain is echoing this false rationale provided by the dog's owner. One wonders if the dog h… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: 1-Year Old Henderson Boy Killed by Family Dog

Fatally attacking dog depicted with the victim, Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan. Saving Killer Dogs? UPDATE 05/13/12: The Las Vegas Review-Journal published a follow up piece about animal activists who intervene to "save dogs" that have bitten and killed. The article refers to the February death of a 2-day old baby who was killed by his family's adopted Husky, named Nikko.1 On April 27, a Pennsylvania judge allowed Nikko to be sent to an out-of-state "sanctuary" instead of being pu… [Read full blog post]

Trinidad Proclaims Dangerous Dogs Act; Comes into Force August 1, 2012

Act Proclaimed Trinidad - It was announced this week by the government of Trinidad and Tobago that the Dangerous Dogs Act will be proclaimed on August 1, 2012. The Act originally passed in June 2000, but was never proclaimed.1 The Dangerous Dogs Act requires owners of dangerous dogs to be at least 18 years old, carry $250,000 of insurance, adhere to special containment requirements, sterilization and registration, and to apply for and obtain a $500 annual license per dog. "I… [Read full blog post]

The DNA Paradox: Hired Gun Ledy VanKavage Flip-Flops Position on Pit Bull DNA

Dogfighting DNA Database San Francisco, CA - In September, the San Francisco affiliate of NPR, KQED, ran a segment about the Canine Combined DNA Index System, a DNA database of pit bulls seized in dogfighting raids. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) helped establish the database, which they dubbed the "Canine CODIS,"1 and hopes that it will help authorities connect dogfighting investigations across the country by creating multi-juri… [Read full blog post]

Former Pit Bull Owner: 'I Bought the Propaganda Hook, Line and Sinker'

My Pit Bull Experience Delaware - On July 2, we received an email from Giancarla Churchman. She said that she was writing because she had been drawn to the website for sometime and that her story is one that "wouldn't have happened" had she heeded the information found on DogsBite.org. Churchman's story is one of great importance and involves adopting a pit bull into a home with three small children and a pet dog after "accidentally" getting caught up in the pro-pit bull movemen… [Read full blog post]

Dutch SPCA Willing to Sacrifice Other Animals to Appease Pit Bull Fans

The Hague, NL - On September 25, 2009, the Dutch SPCA1 fired animal welfare inspector Alexandra Semyonova, author of The 100 Silliest Things People Say About Dogs, after Dutch pit bull terrier enthusiasts targeted Semyonova for identifying the dangerous characteristics of the breed and criticizing the reluctance of the humane community to recognize that dog breeds created to fight are both behaviorally and physiologically different2 from other dogs. The firing leave… [Read full blog post]

Alexandra Semyonova: Heritability of Behavior in the Abnormally Aggressive Dog

Vintage illustration of different dog breeds, Henry J. Johnson 1880. View Academic Paper DogsBite.org was recently introduced to a variety of works by internationally acclaimed animal behaviorist Alexandra Semyonova -- born in the U.S. and educated at John Hopkins University and University College London. Semyonova writes with breathtaking honesty about issues that matter the most: the reality of selecting for aggression and the repeated denial by humane organiza… [Read full blog post]