2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Two Children Injured, Mother Found Dead After Dog Attack in Brooks County, Georgia

A 35-year old woman was discovered dead after a dog attack in Brooks County. Dog Photos Published UPDATE 05/14/24: The number of dogs involved in the attack, 13, has been confirmed by WALB, who also published images of the dogs. Thomasville Humane Society has secured 11 of the dogs, many of which appear to be related offspring. The location of the dog owner's home is adjacent to where the family resided. The dog owner's home has no fencing. The dog pack appears to live underneath… [Read full blog post]

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Killed by Family Dog While Visiting Grandmother's Home in Jeff Davis County, Georgia

Riley Miller was killed by a family dog while visiting his grandmother's home in Jeff Davis County. Boy Killed by Dog Denton, GA - On April 19, a child was killed by a family dog while visiting his grandparents' home. The attack occurred just before noon at a home on WH Smith Road in Denton, according to audio dispatch log files from Jeff Davis County Fire. Riley Miller, 1-year old, was attacked by the dog in a playground area set up in the grandparents' yard for their grandchildren… [Read full blog post]

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Blue Nose Pit Bull After Dog Broke Free from Chain in Pitts, Georgia

A 66-year old woman was killed by a blue nose pit bull outside of Pitts, Georgia. Woman Dies of Injuries Pitts, GA – On Friday, the Wilcox County Sheriff’s Office announced two separate pit bull attacks. Both victims were female, and one attack resulted in death. Doris McBurse, 66-years old, was announced dead at the scene. “The victim and her husband were the owners of the pit bull that had broken free from its chain,” states a release from the sheriff’s office. The attack occur… [Read full blog post]

2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Woman Killed by Three Large Dogs; Daughter Charged with Felony Manslaughter

Rosetta Gesselman, 80, died on October 7 after being mauled by her daughter's dogs. Woman Killed by Dogs Troup County, GA - Last Friday, an 80-year old woman was killed by three large dogs in her household. At that time, the Troup County Sheriff’s Office and the Troup County Marshall’s Office stated the investigation remained ongoing. Investigators now say the three dogs belonged to her daughter, Tongia Gesselman, 48, who has been charged with felony involuntary manslaugh… [Read full blog post]