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8 thoughts on “As Certain Legislators Jockey to Pass a State Preemption Bill, Rolla Boy Sustains Life-Threatening Injuries in Pit Bull Attack

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  1. People think that a certain classification of dangerous animal will never be dangerous, because the dangerous animal is a dog. Wrong. Just because it is a dog, does not mean that it can not be a dangerous animal. Was it lawfully controlled? Yeah but it used its magical dog powers to “get loose” from it does not matter what it was, because the dog has magical powers, after all.
    Tens of thousands of people in this country are severely mauled every few how many units of time? Months, maybe? But because the animals are dogs, this is part of life in America, of course.
    I am willing to bet a hundred thousand dollars that the local authorities are secretly breathing a huge collective sigh of relief that none of the adults were able to effectively defend the poor helpless defenseless perfect victim. Just the usual, customary routine final outcome of this daily/every minutely/few secondly event.

    Too bad each and every one of thousands of these events are insufficient to effect effective, real, beneficial, lasting change.

    Welcome to the dogging of the United Serengeti States of America.

    • What you right is so true. Sadly true. When we look back through the centuries of history, change does come for society problems, but it is very slow and often takes multiple generations. It is very depressing to see person after person, especially a child being horrendously mauled to death by dogs that should not be household pets, and yet nothing is done. But I have faith that eventually society will change and recognize the unnecessary danger these animals possess.

  2. Another heartbreaking case. I firmly believe owners of these dangerous dogs should be treated the same as a drunk driver who kills or maims. The “drunk didn’t mean to”, just like the owner of the dog “didn’t know the dog would do that”, but they are both responsible and should face criminal charges. Hopefully someday that will be reality.

  3. Just, wow. An adult dislocated their shoulder trying to subdue an attacking dog. Multiple adults were present and evidently fought hard to stop this attack, but, still, the pit continued and the boy nearly died. I don’t understand people who continuously deny just how dangerous these animals are. The information is out there. Studies done by professionals are there for anyone to read. Articles, videos, first hand accounts, pictures of the victims are all there, and show exactly what these dogs are capable of, and how easily they are triggered.
    Instead, they choose to believe that it’s all how they are raised, that we need to worry about chihuahuas, that pit bulls weren’t bred to fight bulls in a pit, but to be nanny dogs. Sometimes I feel as if the world has gone mad.

  4. Welcome to COVID Lockdown 2021.

    Old folks dying of disease before their pitbull eats them. Babies and children still pitbull lunches.

    Farmer Jayne?

    For the same reason that my neighbours think I’m mentally unhinged for denouncing the un-muzzled pitbulls in my neighbourhood. Because the owners spew a line of exceptionalism about their pitbull even though they know full well that their dog can be removed and euthanized for being un-muzzled in public.

    People would rather buy into the “poor pibble” story than the actual facts about why BSL was legislated after a string of maulings and murder-by-dog.

    The cultists cry victimhood but they don’t love their pitbull enough to muzzle it nor insist all pitbull owners do so.

  5. It’s just heartbreaking seeing children mauled. So preventable. I agree with above poster who said the owners should be hold accountable, monetarily and through jail time.

  6. There are so many other nice dog breeds out there that do not attack people, why do people just have to own a pit bull? I cannot ever understand this, why play Russian roulette with your life or the lives of those that have to live around pit bulls? It’s not worth it.

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