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19 thoughts on “After Degloving Injuries and Skin Grafting Surgeries, Pit Bull Attack Victim Back in Hospital for Sepsis and Pneumonia

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  1. Dog bite injuries cause a life time of physical pain, emotional pain, and financial ruin. A significant portion of dog bite injuries result in infection. Due to antibiotic resistant bacteria, we are at the end of the antibiotic era. A dog bite resulting in non-grievous body harm can result in death by fatal bacterial infection, caused by flesh eating bacteria and organ shut down bacteria. In this case, the victim was almost killed by the dogs, and whatever is left of him, makes for grave prognosis of fatal bacteria infection.

  2. The county needs to be sued. This is a multimillion-dollar settlement. At this point, that is where the deepest pockets are and they breached their duty to the community resulting in multiple human and animal victims in less than a 12 month period.

    • Agreed. This is the kind of BSL that will make a big difference in far less time than it takes to get legislation passed and the laws enforced. Call it Breed-Specific Litigation.

  3. Poor man; this is horrific. If more people knew the kind of suffering these dog “bites” inflict, there would be a general outcry.

    What we need is a powerful movie like Jaws—about pit bulls. That movie has terrified generations of beach goers and most people have at least a healthy respect for sharks and understand the risk of entering shark territory. Pit bull injuries have often been compared by surgeons to shark attacks…yet many people who survive shark bites have significantly less traumatic injuries than the extensive de-gloving described here. In fact, the majority have a single bite to the foot or calf—which is horrifying and I’m not downplaying their pain, but the point is that a victim of SHARK attack may often fare better than a victim of pit bulls. Even shark bites on kayaks or surfboards receive media attention while serious injuries inflicted by dangerous canines purposefully brought into human dwellings are ignored.

    I think an analysis of shark attack data vs. dangerous dogs would be interesting. For example, in 2019 there were 101 verified shark attacks, 6 deaths. Worldwide. In 2019, there were who knows how many dog attacks, 48 deaths. In the US alone.

  4. Those injuries are horrific. Holy crap. I pray for Kyle’s recovery and healing.

    I cannot understand how we live in a world where people actively promote dogs that can do this!

  5. Exactly why dogs should be euthanized after the FIRST attack. There is no damn reason these dogs should not have been immediately confiscated, taken to the vet, and put down.

  6. It comes down to this simple reality.

    Most dog owners can’t train a poodle. Most dog owners won’t put down their own dogs when it’s clearly the right time to do so, regardless of the dogs’ suffering or the suffering of humans.

    Now, most untrained dogs aren’t much of a public hazard except for jumping up and knocking people over, if they’re large or tripping up people, when they’re small or annoyance barking or chewing up the owner’s own house, or pottying all over the owner’s belongings or growling/nipping.

    Pitbulls are clearly, by statistical weight alone–a public hazard. They are not companion dogs because they are not trustworthy companions.

    Pitbulls have nothing going for them, other than pitbull cultists, that another dog cannot do better–other than fight, maim and maul.

    They need to go extinct and the most humane way of doing that is to ban breeding, selling, purchasing, and keeping them other than through BSL laws around muzzling, handling and confining.

  7. De-gloving? That is when chunks of skin are ripped away from your flesh/muscle… this is usually common in pedestrian car accidents or other machinery incidents… abhorrent to think a pet dog would/could do this! Why don’t they stop the attack when a human victim is screaming in agony? These mutts really are monsters, NEVER, ever meant to be a pet dog, I have APBT books, written by the old ‘dog men’ the men who fought these dogs in the ‘pits’ or where-ever, never meant to be an inside, family dog..far too dangerous and unpredictable… I’m embarrassed by the ‘bully dog love’ currently becoming a cult fixture..

  8. The dogfighting industry is one of the reasons pitbulls are thriving. I would say the owner of the dogs, since he didn’t comply with the original orders, should be held criminally accountable.

  9. My heart and prayers go out to poor Kyle Cracolici . I shared his story on Facebook with my friends. This story needs to be spread far and wide on the internet so people can see the horrific damage that pit bulls cause. Does anyone have the link to his GoFundMe account?

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