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8 thoughts on “Pit Bull Mauling Victim Undergoes Life Changing Surgery 23 Years After Attack -- Follow Her GoFundMe

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  1. The victims of dangerous canine attack are the people that nobody wants to think about or acknowledge. Why? Because the perpetrators are ubiquitous and near universally enabled. How much does the DIA (Dangerous Animal Industry) contribute towards compensating its victims?

  2. Niecie, this was not your fault. After 27 years, you need to stop taking culpability in what happened to you. You blame yourself for not staying in your bedroom and not listening to your older brother. I don’t see that as the case at all. First, he had no right to verbally and emotionally imprison you to one room in the house, second, the dogs should not have been loose, and third, they should not have been family pets. The blame lies on your brother and your parents/caregivers who were the adults who allowed these dogs to enter the family. Absolutely forgive them because forgiveness if for you but don’t blame yourself. You have a beautiful soul.

    • I firmly agree! The fault lies with her family entirely! They should have had two of the most dangerous breeds in the home. It was wreckless and highly irresponsible! She blames herself because I’m sure she was conditioned to by her family who are obvious pit lovers. She was and is an innocent victim of someone else’s carelessness and selfishness! I wish her nothing but the best and I hope those demon dogs were given the pink juice!

  3. It seems from the way she tells what happened she didnt see the attack coming and she wasnt afraid of the dogs so who knows what triggered them to attack but im interested in knowing a little more back ground on the dogs

    • They attacked because that’s what they were bred to do. So many people believe there has to be a trigger but that is simply not true. Pits usually give no warning of an attack and all atracks I have read about have all bedn unprovoked attacks. Puts are extremely dangerous and unpredictable dogs that were never meant to be family pets and this poor woman is a victim of the pit propaganda. To many people buy into the lies of It’s how they are raised or that something triggers their atracks and all of that is simply untrue! Pits were bred for dog on dog combat and bull baiting. They were never nanny dogs and they were never to be family pets! People need to learn from this and stop adopting adopting these killers! Did you know that pit bulls have murdered more than 130 people in the last 3 years? More than half were children! Pits also kill more than 3 times than ALL other dog breeds combined! Pits kill thousands upon thousands of cats and other dogs each and every year and thousands of livestock as well yet these shelter push znd taught them as safe family pets 🙄 public safety should paramount! Truth is pit bulls and all bulkh breeds need to be banned spayed snc neutered into extinction!

  4. Attacks like will stop if people stop pushing the breed. I hope and pray that she recovers fully. She is a strong beautiful woman and I hope that one day she will become a voice for those victims who are no longer here because of pit bulls and all bully breeds. I to am a victim of a pit atrack when I was 5 yrs old so I know what it is like. More people need to be the voice of the victims like myself and this woman in the prevention of atfacks.

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