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18 thoughts on “DOT Seeks Comments on Pit Bulls and Breed Restrictions in Crowded Airplane Cabin; Drops Emotional Support Animals

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  1. This is a fabulous if rare step in the right direction. I hope it will be followed up with more tightening of nearly non-existent ‘servus’ animal laws.

  2. I pray to God that the government will allow for the banning of unpredictable dangerous canine breeds from aircraft and other places where people are.

  3. All pets are ESAs, and, as such, do not belong in the cabin of an aircraft unless small enough to be safely crated. Only bon-a-fide Service DOGS should be considered for accompanying their owner, and, even designation, sadly enough will likely need tighter scrutiny and verification. I have shipped dogs around the world with me in my military career and they did just fine. As much as I lived them, they had no business inside the cabin with people who might be scared, or allergic or just not wanting to travel with an animal next to them.

  4. “Consider a psychiatric service animal to be a service animal and require the same training and treatment of psychiatric service animals as other service animals;”

    This is a great victory for people who genuinely need a Psychiatric Service Dog. A real one for a real need.

  5. In this dog-besotted society, is it okay to say that you’re not that wild about dogs? And that you’d rather not share an airline cabin with them?

    I mean, come on. Airfare is expensive.

    Why make things worse by subjecting paying passengers to the risk of attack? Not to mention the risk of messes on the floor.

    Or barking. Don’t get me started on barking. Just don’t.

  6. I just don’t understand why someone with a disability
    needs a permit for a HANDICAPPED PARKING BADGE.
    But any dick and their cousin can walk into any airport terminal with a dangerous dog breed and demand to be let onto an airplane because their dog is a make believe
    ESA dog with a vest that’s been bought on eBay .
    It’s Criminal if you ask me.

  7. This is great news. It’s time the safety of humans came before pit bull and fake emotional support animal owners’ demands.

    I sincerely hope other public systems start doing this as well, particularity schooling establishments. I go to a university where I’ve seen several ’emotional support’ pits that students are allowed to have on our university campuses, buses and, classrooms. They literally allow people to bring these dogs on big crowded buses. All it takes is one pit trigger to set the dog off and a mauling could start on a moving vehicle. It’s a severe accident waiting to happen, and that shouldn’t even be a concern.

    I don’t want a pit near me on a bus, in a classroom, on a plane, in the store, anywhere.

    I can only hope this will spread, but for now it’s great to know airlines are taking this step to keep people safe.

  8. I absolutely WILL NOT FLY on any airline that allows pit bulls in the cabin of the plane…and we have vacationed all around the world !

  9. Is anyone else having trouble getting your comments to go through the government website? It keeps flagging mine with “You can’t leave this field blank” and nothing is blank…..

    • Warning to all, if you type your comment in Word and then copy and paste it to the comment box, it will not allow this to be submitted. Instead, save it as a PDF and write in the comment box “see attached file” and attach it.

  10. “DOT noted that during the previous comment period (May-Jul 2018) only 22 percent of commenters supported pit bull restrictions”

    Everyone commenting here has demonstrated they can write competently. Please take a moment to comment on the gov’t website, so lawmakers can appreciate that there are two sides to this issue. You don’t have to write a graduate thesis in order to share your thoughts and experiences. You can even remain anonymous if you worry about nutters bugging you.

  11. I went to comment and they have stopped taking comments. 🙁 I suspect that too many people were supporting breed restrictions so they shut it down. 🙁 On planes there should be size and weight restrictions as well.

  12. My dog was killed by a pitbull. The owner claimed the dog was friendly, approached and the dog picked up my dog in its mouth, shook it violently and would not let go. After a struggle, the pitbull finally dropped my dog. She died in the emergency vet hospital. We received no justice from the municipal court, police department, or animal control. The pitbull is still being walked around the neighborhood and has attacked another dog and an elderly man. This HAS to stop.

  13. We need bans on pit bulls. I have dramatically reduced my traveling because of pitbulls. I even dod by an annual to Disney because allowed this breed. People can use labs, golden, not pitbuld

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