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6 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: 8-Month Old Baby Boy Killed by Family Pit Bull in Calvert County, Maryland

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  1. How sad and stupid and preventable. There's a reason it's called pit roulette. I don't understand how people still think it's worth the risk to prove what 'great' dogs these are.

  2. Unfathomable. This hurts my heart. Another innocent baby's life taken by a "family pet". I feel terrible for everyone at that scene, to know it was immediately evident the child had died as a result of the attack. It's sickening.
    I'm sure the pro pit psychos will blame the sitter for being negligent, the family for abusing the dog, and of course the baby for provoking the beast into its red line death mode.
    Does this not prove what we all know? Background, age, gender, history of aggression, etc makes no difference in pit bull attacks. They are horrible, awful killers that don't deserve to breath the same air as children. I hate pit bulls.

  3. Pit bull roulette. Descriptive.

    Many people don't suffer, but it's instinct: inside, invisible and impossible to predict, that controls whether you live or die

  4. Some time ago I asked the pit breeders on a game dog forum about a pit attack on a child. I expected to hear "that dog was trained to attack."

    This honest pit bull EXPERT explained,
    "Kids are dog sized.
    Pits attack and kill dogs.
    That's what pits do."

    Pits were and are created to mature to SUDDENLY attack UNPROVOKED and PROLONGED. Dog fighters call this behavior "starting" or "turning on". This you could learn if you read books by Richard Stratton, Joseph Colby, Douglas Link. Some bully dogs turn on as puppies, most around a year or two, some not until old age. Then wham.

    Who benefits from these despicable man-made birth defects? Dog fighters do.

    Essentially all pits come from good game-insane mauling dogs.
    Pits who did not “turn on”, who did not mature to become game insane maulers were culled as embarrassing failures.

    Once a game insane pit has attacked, there may be nothing the average human can do to save the victim, even if the victim is a large adult.

    Be prepared. One tool to acquire and keep available when suffering from pit pollution in your home or neighborhood would be a battery powered chainsaw. If the pit attacks, you end the attack.

    Remember the dog fighters’/ pit bull experts’ saying: “you can take the dog out of the fight, but you can't take the fight out of the dog.”

  5. I just read the link you posted on Twitter about the absolute lunatic who blamed the babysitter for the baby's death. (As I predicted the nutters would do.) The level of depravity the pro mauler crowd will sink to is unbelievable. They are incapable of rational thought. Why can't they be the ones getting their throats ripped out? Instead, babies, children, and innocent adults are the victims of their psychosis.

  6. I think you've left out one of the major groups of deniers- pit bull breeders and dog fighters.

    These people are the ones responsible for creating these dogs. They specifically breed for aggression and they make money from it and want to be able to keep on doing it. So they try to deny the aggression.

    and other breeder organizations support the denial and the lies.

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