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9 thoughts on “ Responds to 'Lazy' Journalist Who Failed to Investigate Recent Level 1 Trauma Studies by Doctors

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  1. Great response! It's always nice to see facts and logic used to make a point, rather than emotional manipulation like that journalist.

  2. Nowhereman1968, that one is crazy. Her 3 pits severely injured a neighbor, and now her new pit severely injured her son. She says she won't have any more dogs after that. Why didn't she just pick a different type of dog? The family also has a Shepherd-mix. Why not get a smaller, more docile dog around all those kids?

    Did you see this one?

    It's about the poor kid whose dad thought it would be a good idea to breed pits. After 10 years and 59 surgeries, he still only has 1 eye, prosthetic ears, and a cadaver nose.

  3. I saw that Chicago Tribune story linked in the comments at a different pit bull attack story. A pitiot actually said something along the lines "Notice that he is doing fine now and he doesn't say he wants pits banned?"
    Just when I think I have seen how low they will go one comes along and tunnels under that.

  4. Nowhereman1968, I am constantly amazed at the comments pit supporters make. They include extreme leaps of logic and multiple fallacies, emotional manipulation, and falsehoods, often leading to aggressive ad hominem attacks and outright stupidity! I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it now so often myself. Of course, this seems to merely be a reflection of the growing lack of logic, knee-jerk responses, and emotional hysteria we see in our culture at large (and the decreasing intelligence, perhaps?) Very sad.

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