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7 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Mauled to Death by Pack of Dogs in Miami-Dade County

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  1. I'd be willing to bet good money those dogs are pit mixes. Another fatality in a place where pits are supposed to be illegal. Laws that are not enforced are little more than suggestions.

  2. Sounds like pit bull malinois mixes, intentionally bred to do just what they did.

    ?hat I can't understand is, why is the owner not in custody? They have to ASK him if they can investigate a murder?

    People should be raising the roof. It's a miracle that a neighbor child hasn't been killed by now

  3. This is a complicated one Joeland. The rescue "Examiner" blogger is trying to blame the fatal attack on "stray" dogs — as opposed to "owned" dogs. The rescue "Examiner" blogger has an agenda against MDAS, claiming they are not doing their job in picking up strays that local folks have been feeding (for God knows how long). This is a messy situation. Then MDPD and MDAS never reported this fatal attack either — not after THREE WEEKS. As you may know, in late 2015 MDAS claimed they hit the "no kill" goal. Three deaths already since the "no kill goal" proclamation!

  4. Oh god and I just adopted what is thought to be a German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois mix (no idea what else is in there – doesn't look like any kind of bully breed, more like hound or gundog).

    Hopefully she won't turn out to be unpredictable and aggressive… at least whatever she is mixed with is smaller than a shepherd, she's border collie sized.

    Before this story I hadn't heard of any fatal mal attacks… I guess they were just waiting to happen with the breed suddenly becoming so popular :/

  5. I lived in Miami-Dade county, and I have been attacked by pit bull type dogs twice. I've been able to defend myself from them by the grace of God and Pepper Spray, which I always carry on me when walking on the streets.

  6. These dogs could have killed MULTIPLE people while animal control and law enforcement seemed to just be trying to sweep this all under the rug.

    The neighbors should be furious.

    There needs to be a required reporting program for aggressive dog attacks, so people are aware and can protect themselves. There need to be court hearings, dangerous dog labeling, and all kinds of protocol.

    This is a PUBLIC HEALTH problem

  7. This exemplifies how pit bulls have NO traits that make it beneficial to breed them to other dogs.

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