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8 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Kill Visiting Elderly Family Member in Charlotte, North Carolina

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  1. Was this a breeding pair? The one on the left looks pregnant. It is my understanding that intact / in-heat / breeding pit bulls are more aggressive than usual.

    Great idea – lets breed pit bulls in a townhouse development where just about everything EXCEPT dogs are probably banned.

    Inquiring minds would like to know a few things about this case:

    – were there any complaints about the supermaulers prior to the incident in question?

    – What do the community bylaws specify in regards to pet ownership? In particular, any regulations relating to the size of pet / dogs and the number of same.

    – Has this breeding pair produced any junior supermaulers, and if so… where are they now? Have any offspring created a nuisance or safety issue at this location or anywhere else?

    – Are these people insane?

  2. From the WBTV article: "WBTV has learned that the dogs' owner, the victim's daughter, didn't want to sign the dogs over – so animal control officers seized the dogs."

    Pit bulls kill your mother, but you refuse to hand them over to police. Can a sane person imagine it? This certainly affirms what the anonymous dog trainer wrote in an earlier post here:
    "They [people who love pit bulls] They don’t care about anyone or anything but those dogs. They will throw their own family and friends under a bus to protect these dogs. It’s like some bizarre sickness overcomes them and rational realistic thought, compassion — anything human — just vaporizes in them."

    I hope that people reading today will understand that they shouldn't visit even their own children if those children own pit bulls. The risk is too high that those children too will refuse to hand over the pit bull/s as they look at you dead on their living room floor, already making plans to bring the pit bulls to your funeral.

  3. Animal control has blood on its hands.

    They did nothing about these known aggressive dogs and what happened? They killed

    One of the prime markers for future deadly maulings by pit bulls is aggression toward other animals.

    They should have been classified as dangerous and had court-ordered controls and restrictions so that people and pets were protected, or more properly, they should have been euthanized

    But animal control helped the vicious dogs and the owner of those vicious dogs, which is opposite to their public safety roles

    I beg people, you must get involved in local animal control issues. You must demand strong laws, and enforcement. You must demand a dangerous dog system that is tough and that steps in before the attacks happen. You must demand zero tolerance for strays and loose dogs. You must demand strong reporting and documentation. You must demand breeder licensing.

    Or the deaths will keep increasing.

  4. Yesterday, on the opposite side of Charlotte, I called animal control about yet another pit bull that was wandering freely around my neighborhood. I had no idea what animal control was doing on the other side of town, around the same time.

    I left a comment on the story of Cathy Wheatcraft (link in story) about a year ago, I've got nothing more to add to that comment.

  5. Does this insane owner have children in the home?! If so Child Protective Services should be investigating. If she gets her dogs back the neighbors should get to get together and sue AC, and put an end to those freaking killers.

  6. That fact that this woman's dogs brutally murdered her mother and she wouldn't sign them over to animal control is what disgusts me the most. Pit nutters who chose their pets over their family infuriate me. How could anyone do that to their mother, or relative for that matter?

    If Ms. Bessie Flowers was like my mother she was the woman who birthed this girl, cared for her, fed her, loved her, comforted her when she cried, probably wanted to give her nearly everything her heart desired, sent her to school to get and education, and probably did everything she could for them.

    And what a way to show her mother how grateful she was. What a way to express her love for her after her death. What a way to show how she valued her. Repulsive.

    I seriously don't know what kind of sick, twisted mind pit nutters have that they can actually look at a dog, THEIR dog, that MURDERED their loved one (blood and shredded skin all over their muzzles, staining their floors) and have any other emotion towards that beast other than complete utter revulsion and abhorrence. I just can't fathom it.

  7. And again…and the daughter didn't want to give up the dogs, naturally.

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