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3 thoughts on “2015 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Statistics -

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  1. Pit bull advocacy (also known as business lobbying) has only created a nightmare for society

    More fighting breeds being bred, more breeders every day unhampered by regulation, more being marketed to people who have no clue that they are getting purpose-bred dogs designed to kill and maim, and carefully bred by man for hundreds of years to do just that

    Injuries, deaths, animal cruelty, and more pit bulls than ever before being abandoned and abused

    But the increasing numbers of breeders (aided by advocacy marketing and anti-regulation efforts) keep on breeding and making money; the dog fighters keep on breeding and fighting and making money; the next-level pit bull dealers (aka "rescues" and "shelters") keep making money.

    It all gets worse every day.

    No one seems to care about the victims, that include the pit bulls themselves

  2. So the latest issue of "Rodale's Organic Life" magazine shows a very young child climbing up onto a couch where a full-grown pit bull is already sitting.

    See cover here:

    Even the most mainstream media are becoming more pushy with pairing children with fighting breeds and presenting it as "heartwarming." It is no wonder why attacks are skyrocketing. This is the only information/imagery many potential dog owners are encountering.

  3. My friend Tina Pounds recently lost much of her lower face because of a pit bull attack in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She and her little grandson were walking across the street to a neighbor's pizza party when the child was attacked by a loose pit bull. Tina got between the child and the dog and saved her grandson but had her lower lip and much of the bottom of her face bitten off. Please donate what you can to Tina's GoFundMe for her mounting medical bills and keep her in your prayers.

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