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20 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Bryan County Toddler Killed by Family Pit Bulls

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  1. So the question is, a pit bull breeder or a no kill style pit bull hoarder?

  2. Another senseless death. How many more half to die before people are gonna get it.


    August 27, 1987:

    Pit bull terriers are six times more apt to attack people than other dogs are, Mark Paulus, a Humane Society official, told a House subcommittee considering legislation to control vicious dogs in Georgia. More than a half-dozen people testified Wednesday on the need to provide better control of dogs and stiff penalties for owners.
    Please inspect the Great Dog Fighting State of Georgia Pit DBRF map and note how the red DBRF balloons block out the sun in Atlanta.

    The Center for Disease Control is right in the middle of that mess!

    All this so that dog fighters and pit breeders can avoid fulfilling their destiny of ditch digging, heavy lifting and paying taxes!…


    * Disclaimer…You Cannot Make This Up!

  4. Take a look at the MSNBC homepage today. On the right of the page, in tiny print, we see a link:

    Cops: 7 dogs maul toddler

    In the middle of the page, in big, eye-catching letters, along with a photo:

    Sweet pit bull frolics with chicks & bunnies

    But oh, the "media bias"…

  5. "He said relatives insisted the toddler would play with the dogs and even "use them as pillows while watching TV." — Hmmm. Might be a new Maul Talk term.

  6. A quote from a news story. All the familiar pit bull symptoms. Killed another pet. Treated as "nanny dogs." (Think of how many pit bull lobbyists pose children climbing on pit bulls to propagandize, and then get the media to publish them.) Loved family pets that then just kill.

    "The family told deputies the dogs had never attacked a person, though one of them might have killed a cat, Smith said. He said relatives insisted the toddler would play with the dogs and even "use them as pillows while watching TV."

  7. Well now, who is the nutter in this family? Seems like the 2 young uncles would not have been. Somehow I don't see the young mother of this little girl as the nutter, but she could be. It was stated that the Pits were a mother pit and 6 of her litter about 1 1/2 years old. In one of the pictures the little girl had on a top saying "Daddy's Little Girl" or something like that. That litter of Pits is about the same age as this little girl was. Where is the child's father? Were there any adult men living in the home?

  8. I've seen a few instances now of the media posting that dumb Easter Pit Bull picture right alongside news of another death. It's crass and tone deaf.
    "LOOK AT THE SWEET PIBBLE AND HIS LITTLE SNACKS, I MEAN FRIENDS! Don't look at that story about another death."

  9. I looked at the facebook page of the child's mother and it doesn't appear that she or the child's father are the nutters. I'm thinking it's whoever that house belongs to. Who owns that home? Or better yet, who controls that home! The young mother will get charged with child endangerment, but either the grandmother or the great grandmother may have owned the home and would have been like the "LANDLORD".

  10. The "McIntyre" name comes up a lot in the mother's Facebook friends, but not Michelle McIntyre. Also "Asher" does not come up on her friend's list (the two likely property owners). Charges may be filed against all adults at the home at the time, so this information is likely forthcoming.

  11. Here is a video of four pit bulls killing a fifth pit bull housemate. That part starts at about 35 seconds. It might be useful to post this here and there, ask people to imagine it's the toddler — because this is exactly what the killing of the toddler would have looked like.

    I think people can't imagine the horror of it. Images help them get it.

    Caution: Maybe don't watch this if you or a loved one has been mauled. It's awful to watch even though the victim is another pit bull.

  12. Gotta wonder about all of the missing males from the household. I think the story by the women is trash (clearly the police don't believe it either). I wonder if they called one of the males (familiar with yard accidents)and asked, "What should we do?" Then they concocted this crazy story that all three women were asleep (at 5pm). The baby was cold, story farfetched, no males on any horizon. You can't have four generations of a family living in a home without an adult male somewhere. Very odd and suspicious.

  13. "Det. Thomas and Sheriff Smith wanted to show me the pictures of Monica's body after the attack to give me a better understanding of how severe the attack was, and how appeared to be more prolonged and drawn out.
    The bite marks covered her entire body, the graphic photos even showing what appeared to be the tiny child's head nearly decapitated along with severe internal damage."

  14. Maultalk's entry on "use them as pillows" with regard to pit bull lobbying really shows a textbook case in how propaganda is used.

    The educated propagandists at the top of the pyramid spout the cliches, and then the underlings just repeat mindlessly.

    It's sort of like mynah birds repeating phrases that their masters drill into their heads.

  15. Something is definitely fishy.

    Especially when you realize the mother of the two year old is only 18, so "grandma" is probably not what one thinks of stereo-typically in age. I would guess she is possibly in her 40's.

    I would like to know what kind of adult family falls asleep at 5 PM.

    Things do not add up at all with their story.

    In reading the comments in the last link above, its no wonder emergency responders were traumatized.

    Still no product recall on pit bulls and seven people are dead by them in the first three months of this year.

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