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9 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Bristol-Kendall Fire Department Firefighter Killed by New Dog

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  1. 3 DBRF's in ONE WEEK! And, its only Wednesday! Unbelievable!

    Well, when we are this far down the slippery slope it IS believable…


  2. You nailed it Putme incharge. These people literally "live and breath" PREVENTION and SAFETY in ways that the vast majority of us can't even imagine. Still, the couple needed to rescue that dog (to save it from being put down)… Did you read what Big Rock Fire Chief John Ruh said? "Brown brought the dog into the fire station last Friday, three days before the attack. 'I came into the station and Dawn had the dog with her at her desk,' Ruh recalled. 'I didn’t like having a dog in the station, but I knew Dawn was trying to socialize it, so I didn’t say anything about it. Maybe I should have.'" Yeah, he certainly should have said something (140 lb dog at her desk). And the couple — already Nutters mind you — decided to add a third dog, and at that a monster sized dog, to the household that obviously had some behavioral problems if it was headed for the needle.

  3. "A far west suburban firefighter was mauled to death in her home by a 130- to 140-pound dog she and her husband had just taken in to avoid it being put down, authorities said."

    One would think a firefighter would know what can happen when you play with fire.

  4. Animal Uncontrol,

    Excellent observation…

    Brown's death was the 39th US DBRF since November 15th 2011.

    Back in the 70's, the US would have 5 DBRFs over an entire year, now we have 5 Pit Bull DBRFs in a single month sometimes.

    The Dog Lobby keeps regurgitating stats from the 70's, 80's and 90's to keep the heat off themselves.

    This one could have been prevented by a $20 dose of euthasol.

    Everyone wants to be Cesar Millan or Victoria Stilwell these days…They are a threat to themselves, their families and everyone around them!

    Euthasol…Use it!

  5. I know there are large dog owners that will read this but….anyone who owns a dog that could easily kill them is a fool.

  6. Vintage said-"Everyone wants to be Cesar Millan or Victoria Stilwell these days…They are a threat to themselves, their families and everyone around them!"
    And that hits the nail pretty squarely on the head.
    No doubt this woman thought if "socialized" it and gave it cookies all issues would be resolved.

    I am curious to know just what kind of "Mastiff" was involved in this death.

    I am seeing more and more Cane Corsos both at dog shows and offered on sites such as Craigslist. We have had a couple try to enroll in a dog class that I sometimes assist with. Entered on the enrollment form as "Mastiffs", refunded their money when they showed up with the dog. I do not doubt they have tremendous appeal to the same people that are attracted to pit bulls.

  7. Some dogs need to be put down. Reason: They're too dangerous to be kept in society.

  8. I also wonder what kind of mastiff it was. Cane Corsos, Fila Brasilieros (Brazilian Mastiffs) and Argentine Dogos (Argentine Mastiffs) do seem to becoming more popular. The same is true of Presa Canarios, which is also a mastiff-like dog that looks like a big pit bull.

    Why anyone would choose one of those breeds as a pet is beyond me. Filas were specifically bred to attack people, and the others are either fighting breeds or breeds used to catch bulls and other large animals. They're not pets. The people who want them seem to either be trying to enhance their desired 'tough' images or to show off their 'lion taming' skills.

  9. My Boston terrier was attacked last Monday by 2 mixed pitbulls in the neighborhood.We came back from his morning routine and he was sniffing a tree, all of a sudden they jump from the owner car and run to us, and I could no saved him.There were no a motivation, they did not even had previous encounters, they just went with their nature. I never had an opinion about pitbulls but since by dog which was really mellow like in this way, now I know this is no good. I can not cope yet, I need to know where to write to let them know about this incident. The dogs went back to their rescue group but next owner must to be aware of this situation, I do not want a humane been hurt. THe family that was taking care of them did not mistreated them or nothing,she loved them and take care of them. I'm devastated and not sure what to
    do. His dead deserves a action from my side and I need highlights of people that knows what works better. Thanks

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