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9 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Trotwood Senior Citizen Killed by Own Dogs

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  1. I've read that the Cane Corso was almost extinct by the 70s and then recreated by cross-breeding. Is this true? Anyone have information on what was crossed in?

  2. I am seeing more and more Cane Corsos and starting to see puppies offered on Craiglist in my area.

    Just last night when I saw the ad for the puppies I thought to myself- we are going to start seeing this dog appear in headlines.

  3. The following is a quote from the Toledo Blade, dated 5/23/2012. The title of the article was "Change in law takes effect on vicious dogs."

    "Jean Keating, co-founder of Lucas County Pit Crew, said the law change means that "we no longer discriminate based on physical appearance in our Ohio Revised Code. Perhaps now we can move forward with educating people about why dogs bite and how to stay safe around dogs."

    I wonder when this "education" might begin. There have been 3 dog bite related fatalities in Ohio since the bill was passed in February. Looks to me like the Lucas County Pit Crew is way behind on this.

  4. "I am seeing more and more Cane Corsos and starting to see puppies offered on Craiglist in my area."

    Yes, those and the similar Presa Canario. I've also seen the latter type show up in stories about severe dog bites or fatalities.

    It's freaky the way breeders are promoting and selling these fighting dog breeds as pets. I'd really like to know who on earth adopted the two Cane Corsos to this couple. Do they know what happened? Are they going to stop breeding these dangerous dogs?

  5. I have a relative who lives for her dogs. It's sad in a way. She's sacrificed a lot of human relationships in favor of her bond with the various dogs she's had over the years.

    Which leads me to conclude that dog ownership isn't always a healthy thing. I think that too many people use dogs as a way of avoiding their difficulties in dealing with other people.

    Add to this trouble a dangerous dog, and you have a recipe for tragedy. Sorry, but you can't love a dangerous dog out of its tendencies. It's not misunderstood or abused. It simply is what it is.

  6. The son thinks it was something other then the dogs.

    Coyotes perhaps?

    Maybe his mom fell off a ladder while in the backyard, and the ladder just disappered….

    Maybe it was Freddy Kruger.

    What other great all time excuses am I missing here that will no doubt be used in some comment section somewhere.

    How does someone live 70+ years and think buying and raising TWO Cane Corsos is a good idea.

    I am glad the dogs were taken care of before the son got involved.

  7. @Putme Incharge said: "How does someone live 70+ years and think buying and raising TWO Cane Corsos is a good idea."

    To which I say:

    I know from personal experience that "dog people" can and do such things. Why? Because a Cane Corso is just a poor widdle fur-baby that needs love.

    Never mind the fact that said baby has been bred to be aggressive. Or that it's a big dog that would a fit adult in his or her prime would have trouble handling.

    It's a DOGGIE. Nothing else matters. And I do mean nothing.

  8. Your Quiet Neighbor- good point. You can love all genetic traits out of a dog.

    Their son made a comment that I found very telling-"They used to walk through the woods with her – they protected her," Jurgens said. "I can't imagine, even fathom, that they would attack and kill her

    I can not tell you how many alleged dog people misconstrue a dogs weak/poor temperament as "protection" and intead of trying to deal with the issue they cultivate it. Those dogs were not protecting her at any point, they were showing prey drive and were directing it at whatever they wanted to. On the day of this womans death they directed their prey drive on her.

    In my opinion the only dog who should protect its owner is a dog who has been specifically trained in personal protection.

    Its my job to protect my dogs, not their job to protect me. Of course I have mentally stable dogs who have been bred to be human companions for generations, not bred to attack and kill other animals.

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