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4 thoughts on “Cocke County Dog Mauling Victim Moves into New Home Built by Volunteers

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  1. It is in itself wonderful that some Americans rally around a hurt child like this. It's too bad that those we elect and depend on to protect us aren't in that group. The Shriners' compassionate and adequate reaction makes it all the more poignantly and shamefully clear how disgracefully our official authorities — legislators and judges — are letting our children down. These choose to cater to a loud-mouthed but at the least sociopathic and truly tiny segment of our population: the pit bull fans, instead of taking rational measures to prevent our children being hurt like this.

    Then, as this judge yet again clearly showed, they deny our children recourse…unless better Americans like the Shriners come to the rescue.

    This boy will, with so much support, surely recover from the physical injuries. But how will anyone explain later to Brandon that he had to grow up in a society that chose the interests of a killer-bred dog above those of our children? How will anyone help any hurt child deal with this truth: that they were less important to us than a trivial consumer choice of which brand of aspirin to buy — oops, I mean which brand (out of 400) of dog? How will we explain that the people who purposely put anthrax in his neighborhood are supposedly not responsible when the anthrax container suddenly exploded?

    This is so unutterably sad, there are hardly words for it. I hope everyone in Tennessee who is in any way in a position to ban this pit-bull-anthrax from hurting our children, but is refraining from doing so, feels deeply ashamed.

  2. I think we need to follow the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) strategy of placing the focus on the victims. Recall that MADD was quite successful in its efforts to raise drunk driving penalties.

  3. Switzer and Lugar should have been issued 1099 forms for the $Hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills they were relieved of.

    No different than when a Mortgage company forecloses and has to sell the house at a loss. The homeowner receives a 1099 form and owes taxes on the debt they were relieved of.

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