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7 thoughts on “Orlando Woman Suffers Catastrophic Pit Bull Injury; Amputations Expected

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  1. Not yet, and it certainly is unusual. It's possible the woman should have been "under his care" due to a physical ailment. If this is true, her outlook does not look good.

  2. New article from WESH says there was a dog-sitter involved.

    A neighbor, who did not wish to be identified, said she was dog-sitting when the pit bull, named Feisty, attacked Johnson. She said she feels the dog was just doing what a guard dog is supposed to do. "The dog ain't bothered nobody," she said. "They entered the dog's domain. The dog is just protecting itself."

    I know, I know. The prostitute who entered the house with a housemate (?), or at least a good friend of a housemate, posed a colossal threat. Meanwhile the mutant dog-sitter stood by with her jaw hanging to the ground as the pit bull nearly tore off the woman's two legs and an arm. Admittedly, a deviant household; God only knows who actually owns the dog. He's probably doing hard time.

  3. Sigh…Not another dog sitting attack! That's the 3rd one this month!

    This one reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when George panics and knocks over elderly women and children trying to escape from burning cookies.

    Dog expert….They all are until they are standing as fools in front of the TV cameras!

    Floriduh's BSL pre-emption is a amoral public safety failure.

  4. And of course the poor-poor pibble won't be put down. It'll just be labeled 'dangerous'and given back to the owner with an outdoor muzzle order.

    WHAT is going on with our lawmakers?

  5. And of course the poor, poor pibble won't be put down. It'll now be declared dangerous and returned to its owner with an outdoor muzzle order.

    WHAT is going on with our lawmakers?

  6. (sidenote: don't wanna derail this or otherwise change the focus of the discussion, but whether the woman was a prostitute is irrelevant to these events and I find it crass that the Orlando news–NOT DBO–wrote that in the story. People will be cruel to her, whether the claim is true or not).

    But, since we're engaging in happy speculation, I myself think that Summers looks like a crystal meth junkie in that photo (I grew up in meth central; lots of mug shots of tweakers in the local press). Note the scabs, space-cadet look in his eyes, the fact that he looks 45 yo.

    TWO AMPUTATION-REQUIRING INJURIES IN '5 minutes'?! I believe it, of course, but how is that even possible?

    I would be scared shitless if I saw that happening, too, but wasn't there a baseball bat or kitchen knife around?

    And I'm with you, Maultalk: what is this "the dog was defending itself" bullshit? Apologists always say this. Defending itself from what? Babies? Mailmen? Toy poodles? Their loving owners while out for a stroll in the park? Defense is a reaction to being assaulted. Somehow, I never see that happening.

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