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12 thoughts on “Bay County Animal Hospital Worker Suffers Catastrophic Injury in Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Well, we will really never know if the poodle went in the pit bull's area , OR, THE PIT BULL WENT INTO THE POODLE'S AREA…WILL WE? I would like to know if the poodle was injured and why were they letting a poodle run near a PIT BULL ??

  2. It may be time for the AVMA to dust off The Does and Don'ts Concerning Vicious Dogs. For those not familiar with the 40 page book written by the AVMA Liability Trust in 1993, it was written in an effort to protect veterinarians from liability if kennel workers were injured by vicious dogs. Pretty much every point is illustrated by a vicious pit bull story. The ASPCA did a powerpoint a few years ago with the same purpose in mind. That one was called The Care of the Pit Bull in the Shelter Environment. You can google these works, interesting reading. Karen Collier, owner of the Parkway Animal Hospital may face a HUGE lawsuit on this one.

  3. I am familiar with both April 29, the AVMA's, Dos and Don'ts Concerning Vicious Dogs and the ASPCA's, The Care of Pit Bulls in the Shelter Environment. This lawsuit will certainly go after the insurance policy ceiling (1 million at least and possibly beyond). Except that there's lots of talk about "no previous knowledge of aggression" and the victim (allegedly) entered into the pit bull's area… Still, Collier is screwed. This will likely be a long drawn out lawsuit and Collier won't be insurable again. Say bye-bye to "Parkway Animal Hospital."

  4. They have gone totally insane. County officials are now going to explore whether this pit bull is vicious? I suppose they'll show it a plastic doll, then a stuffed toy dog, calling that a behavior test. And of course the test will be done by some pit-fan chosen 'behaviorist' who has pit bulls at home. Such as phony, corrupt James Crosby who will tell us why it was the target's own fault (shouldn't have tried to save a mere cur from attack and death by Real Power Dog). And of course will add that pits only attack when they are stressed out by dog-hotel life.

    I stopped working at shelters when the pit population reached 70%. Before that, any dog that inflicted so much as a bruise on a shelter worker by a slightly disinhibited bite was put down — no excuses, no mercy, too dangerous to rehome. It wasn't until this pit nuttery started that mauling, dismembering, killing were suddenly not a reason to put a dog down. Ooooo, we still have to do an ARTIFICIAL behavior test, never mind real-life behavior.

    This mauling, dismembering, killing behavior is utterly and absolutely abnormal in the domestic dog. Any dog that shows this behavior needs to be gently sent to eternal sleep. Any type of dog that has been specifically genetically engineered for this abnormality needs to go extinct.

    I hope they tell whatever pit-loving behaviorist who evaluates this dangerous dog that if s/he says the pit isn't vicious, s/he'll have to take this pit home her/himself and live daily with it. Ha, then see what the pit-apologist 'behaviorist' concludes…

    Maybe they can get Victoria Stilwell in, and make her take this pit home if she thinks it's oh, so sweet, just like Lennox?

  5. The 28th Carneigie Lifesaving medal for a hero who inteceded during a Pit Bull attack has been awarded:

    Sean C. M. Vorel
    Bennington, Neb.
    Sean C. M. Vorel helped to rescue Marcella M. Gilbert from an attacking dog, Bennington, Nebraska, June 2, 2011. Gilbert, 78, was in a fenced-in yard of the kennel she operated when a 70-pound pit bull terrier she was keeping attacked her. The dog took her to the ground and mauled her, inflicting severe injury. Driving by, Vorel, 27, construction worker, saw the attack. He stopped at the scene and, finding the gate to the yard locked, climbed inside. Having obtained a 2.5-foot-long board, Vorel approached the dog and struck it repeatedly about the head. Its attention distracted from Gilbert, the dog attempted to attack Vorel as he climbed a fencing partition. A sheriff's deputy arrived about then and used an electroshock weapon against the dog, stunning it. The dog was secured, allowing emergency medical personnel to attend to Gilbert. She was taken to the hospital, where she was detained more than four months for treatment, including surgery, of her wounds. Vorel hurt his ankle and shoulder, and he recovered.

    Other Doozies:

    2011, Prince William County, VA; Shelter Manager and Shelter worker receive Lifesaving Merit Award for rescuing another shelter worker being mauled by a Pit Bull that was being reclaimed by it’s family

    Dec 2008, Marshfield, MA; A/C officers shoot a Pit Bull that had gotten out of it‘s cage and was killing a lesser dog. This was the second lesser dog the Pit had killed at the shelter.

    March 1998, Anne Arundel County MD; 22 year A/C Veteran loses thumb and flesh from arm because of Pit Bull “Apache”

    July 1998, Montgomery County, MD; County Shelter worker Kevin Hoffman nearly loses hand after being mauled by Pit Bull whose owner was fighting euthanization order

  6. How horrible! This madness has got to stop! It sickens me that the Pit Posse is already blaming the victim, saying it's her fault because she left the gate open. Nutters! And it makes my blood boil when they say, "I wish her a speedy recovery, BUT (insert statement exonerating pibble here.)

  7. I'd like to see pit bull-free veterinary practices. I'll betcha money that they'd get quite a bit of business.

  8. If it had been a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, we wouldn't be reading this story. Likewise, a Collie and a Poodle. Or just about any other type of dog and a Poodle.

  9. The 1993 AVMA Liability Trust piece cites where a Vet office was sued for $41 MILLION when a 16 year old Kennelman was mauled by a Pit Bull.

    Quite the OSHA Violation!

  10. How horrible. I am also completely stunned that this dog hasn't been euthanized yet. It needs to be euthanized ASAP before a bunch of idiots try to save it.

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