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55 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Newborn Dies After Severe Dog Bites in McKeesport

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  1. This is a horrifying example of what is wrong today with Animal Control and application of the laws. That husky should never have been adopted out, and yet people who value dogs over humans win again. Plus, the whole situation at the home, three pits, a cat-killing husky — and that the mother actually wanted the Husky back — it is mind-blowing. I even wonder if the Husky did it. Was she protecting her pit bull? This is madness! I so much appreciate the way they described these horrific deaths and maimings in all the archived articles that Colleen finds. They minced no words. Today, it is rare that words like "horrific" and "maul" are used. Rather, the term "bite" in bandied around. This story is scary on so many levels. San Antonio is right-on to have an Animal Court to deal with these miscreants.

  2. You've got to be kidding me:

    Two nights ago, Ms. Furlong and the boy's father, Howard Nicholson, signed paperwork to retrieve the dog and gave it to William Uhring of Churchill. "We were lifting a burden from the family and from the dog," Mr. Uhring said, who said he was fearful the dog would be euthanized. He named it Helo, for a character from the television series "Battlestar Galactica" who is rescued from a firing squad.

  3. Its crystal clear that the dog in question is vicious. It killed a cat and had behaved in a threatening manner on other prior occasions. The owner needs to be jailed for manslaughter and the dog destroyed. This dog is clearly a threat to human (and animal) safety. Smart money says the dog is going to attack again. 'Nuff said.

  4. And know we see why the DBRF rate in the US has QUADRUPLED since 1979….The dog lobby actively working against the public safety.

    Hopefully the state dog warden wakes up and steps in!

  5. Pennsylvania is still a bastion of corruption thanks to a completely corrupt Department of Agriculture and court that works FOR the puppy mill and dog fighting businesses prevalent in that state.

    These breeders/farmers also often get taxpayer funded subsidies and cheap loans.

    Tax money reinforcing corruption.

  6. Many of these animal control businesses and departments are also linked to the breeders and their No Kill associates. Utterly corrupt, a public menace. Crime supported by tax dollars.

  7. I've done a little digging and I think the culprit here is the fanatical No Kill racket. Apparently they have been harassing Ferree and demanding zero euthanasia, despite the fact that overpopulation is huge there because No Kill refuses to get involved in increasing spaying and neutering.

    One such entity is Voices for Animals of Western Pennsylvania that has been attacking Ferree.

    I suspect that this entity and its followers put pressure on Ferree to release the dog, and I question whether the "new adopter" is connected to this group.

    It got so bad that Ferree had to take one of these zealots to court over lies she was spreading.

    No Kill just doesn't care about victims, and it advocates releasing vicious dogs out to kill again.

  8. Take a look in that article at the assault committed on this man by these No Kill terrorists, because what else can they be called?

    It would not surprise me that authorities in McKeesport got contacted by one of the national fanatical No Kill groups like Best Friends who demanded the dog be released, and Ferree had to comply with orders.

    No Kill terrorizes authorities into doing dangerous things.

    (and it wouldn't surprise me this dog was sold to the mother of the dead child by one of these fanatical No Kill groups, as they sell dogs over craigs list, which is where the dog came from. No Kill is notorious for selling vicious dogs online)

  9. We knew this nonsense was coming:

    "Allegheny County sheriff's deputies are investigating a threat made to the judge who ordered the seizure and possible euthanization of a husky that killed a McKeesport infant."

  10. So, what is the status of this Mauler? I haven't been able to find any recent news. Has the beast been destroyed yet, or will it be turned loose to kill someone else?

  11. It would be like a gun control law where, the murderer in a fatal shooting was granted a hearing on whether or not they should have to surrender the gun. Its just way over the top bad.

  12. They are already hiding the dog's history. It has been renamed Helo.

    How can this dog legally have a new owner if it was seized by the county? This is like criminals getting the gun used to commit murder out of police evidence while an investigation is under way, and reregistering the gun under a new owner's name so it can be resold!

    Strange thing. I happened to mention this case to someone who then said "Oh Bill Uhring! His mother is a nurse!" and also runs some kind of public charity for operating room nurses

    Maybe she will make a contribution to a fund providing for a funeral for this child, since no one else seems interested.

    Some relative of his, she said, Jeanette maybe, is a Bull Mastiff breeder.

  13. The No Kill type Sociopaths are going into hyper overdrive with the lies.

    Some examiner blogger named Amy Rossi apparently feels that vicious attacks on children don't mean a dog is dangerous.

    People are shilling for money for the dog

    Diane Klanica is leading the way and organizing this. She has already attacked the victim and is publicly denying that the child was mauled. Here is Diane Klanica's fresh propaganda mythologizing and denying this mauling

    "on the 'more injuries' thing…that is precisely what those of us defending Helo have been trying to convey. With the size of a newborn, if this dog was maliciously attacking this child, the baby would have been shredded, quite frankly. We understand that he had been bitten, as if the dog attempted to pick him up. He did not maul the child"

  14. The No Kill/Slow Kill/Hoarder
    Breeder/Dog Fighter community trying to enable this dog to kill again claims to have an insider in that animal control in cahoots with them. And still more "blame the victim." Now they are claiming that the baby taunted Nikko/Helo/the killer husky.

    "You can't literally 'taunt' an animal…and one that has been obviously abused itself…and not expect it to react. Someone we know that works with animal control and close to this particular investigation even told us that with all of her experience she would make an exception in her opinions this time because of the precarious situation in which these dogs were placed. But, she doesn't get to make the final decision."

  15. The "Helping Helo" fund is up to nearly $3,000:

    As far as Diane Klanica goes, she sounds a lot like No-Kill extraordinaire, Donna Armstrong. Also, District Attorney Stephen Zappala is quite clear on this one: "They don’t understand how horrific the crime scene was."

  16. Could someone in McKeesport Animal Control please explain why a woman they have working for them is involved in insider gossip activities and illegal information release with No Kill Slow Kill sociopaths? Or perhaps this is in Uhring's town AC? Animal Control is supposed to be a public safety job. Public servants are not supposed to collude with the attorneys of vicious dog owners to give them insider information on an investigation, as well as support and encouragement so that the dog can kill again.

    However, the attorney representing this husky's alleged "new" owner Uhring, Attorney Nadia Adawi, has some explaining to do.

    Her group has already confessed they are getting insider information from someone who is a government animal control employee INVOLVED IN THE INVESTIGATION and therefore, Attorney Adawi's client is gaining an illegal advantage from a corrupt public servant in this dangerous dog hearing. A female animal control officer, a government employee, is aiding them and giving them protected information.

    The court has rules about this Attorney Nadia Adawi, and your license is at risk if you engage in such behavior.

    The District Attorney and judge also should be aware that Attorney Adawi's group is involved in this.

    Of course, perhaps just getting out of law school, and being desperate for notoriety, there may be some confusion in Attorney Adawi's mind.

    From the Save Nikko/Helo group collecting money to pay for Attorney Adawi

    "Someone we know that works with animal control and close to this particular investigation even told us that with all of her experience she would make an exception in her opinions this time because of the precarious situation in which these dogs were placed. But, she doesn't get to make the final decision."

  17. I posted this in the wrong blog post. It belongs here.

    Linda Neff, one of Diane Klanica's fellow Maul Deniers, comes up with new attempts to deny, new stories, new propaganda.

    "Nobody will ever know if Helo was trying to help the crying baby, or if perhaps her other dog got near him causing him to react or exactly what happened"

    A dog that mauled a baby and destroyed its head was "trying to help it." Can you imagine?

    The victim is victimized again.

    Does Attorney Adawi know that her group is spreading this manure? What direction is the Attorney giving to her group?

  18. Just a sampling about how overrun the State of Pennsylvania is by the dog lobby:

    March 4, 2012 – On Aug. 22, my daughter was bitten by a dog while she was out jogging … We wanted to know just one thing. Did the dog have a rabies vaccination? … And I was required to “verify that it appears to be in good health. You should also verify its status at five days and again at 10 days following the bite or scratch.” After this experience, here is my question: Why am I required to verify that this dog is healthy? … I had to wonder why I was carrying the burden of proof for something that was not my fault. The issue seemed to be a bit lopsided … it should be up to the authorities — not the victim — to take all the next steps.

  19. " After this experience, here is my question: Why am I required to verify that this dog is healthy? … I had to wonder why I was carrying the burden of proof for something that was not my fault"

    Pennsylvania is a major breeder and puppy mill state. AKC connected puppy mills are everywhere, and breeders have infiltrated the authority system and government. They are connected to the farm lobby, which protects them with our tax dollars. There are even puppy mill and AKC breeders that are judges, lawyers, politicians, animal control council appointees, etc. Absolutely crooked. Big money business.

    Many dog fighters in PA too.

    All these parasites feed off the good people of Pennsylvania. The good people need to assert themselves and rewrite the laws to protect the innocent.

    This victim's story is also proof positive that whenever there is any kind of dog incident, you need to contact a lawyer to advocate for you not only with the dog owner but the often corrupt local government as well.

  20. Seeing any patterns here?

    Though the top 4th killing dog breed, huskies have only killed 10 total since 2005. The most recent attack is a classic fatal husky attack — aka, the dog's broken leg did not cause this attack.

    2012 fatal husky mauling
    2-day old infant
    Police said the baby was lying on the floor in a carrier when the husky grabbed the child by the head. Bite injuries to the head killed the baby.

    2010 fatal husky mauling
    11-day old baby
    The infant boy was in his car seat on a bed in the bedroom, when he was bitten by the family husky. Bite injuries to the head killed the baby.

    2009 fatal husky mauling
    3-year old boy
    The boy was killed by a chained husky in a neighboring yard.

    2009 fatal husky mauling
    3-week old infant
    Family husky pulled the infant off of a bed in the master bedroom and dragged the child into a hallway. Bite injuries to the head killed the baby.

    2008 fatal husky mauling
    3-day old baby
    Baby was lying in a bassinet when the family husky grabbed the baby by its head and dragged it into another room. Bite injuries to the head killed the baby.

    2008 fatal husky mauling
    6-day old baby
    The infant was attacked in her crib by the family's 3-year old husky. The dog grabbed the baby by the head inflicting mortal injury.

    2008 fatal husky mauling
    2-year old boy
    The boy was killed by a chained husky in a neighboring yard.

    2007 fatal husky mauling
    11-month old boy
    The boy was in a playpen when two household huskies tore through the pen killing the child.

    2005 fatal husky mauling
    7-days old
    Infant was pulled from her portable crib onto the floor by the family husky. The bite wounds inflicted mortal internal injury.

    2005 fatal husky mauling
    2-year old girl
    It was speculated that the toddler "crawled out of the house" through the dog door. The family husky and malamute in the backyard mauled her to death.

  21. The stench from this is attracting flies!

    The public is dependent on an honest system, and when there is a failure in that system, people suffer.

    The individuals that represent authority in this case have relationships together and a taint of scandal and failure to the concerns of public safety.

    This entire story has been a mockery of the authority system. Lawyer I spoke to in area called it a "bag job."

    It was the DA's office that illegally cut a side deal to let Uhring have the dog, against the law. DA was Stephen Zappala.

    Zappala and "judge" Edward Borkowski are friends and former coworkers.

    Edward Borkowski, a former criminal defense attorney representing criminals then became an assistant DA himself, and worked with Zappala in Allegheny County District Attorney's Office.

    Their department has an extremely tawdry and questionable history when it comes to victims, including charges by the public that they protected cops that killed innocent people. There were demands for Zappala's removal from those cases. Borkowski protected and defended him.

    A journalist examined the relationship between some of these court and justice system characters that extends back to their childhoods.

    "Call it networking, call it the Central mystique, or call it, as some do, “the Central Catholic Mafia.” But if by some chance, you do not have a Central Catholic diploma, you should know what you’re up against in the job market.

    At Downtown mutual fund giant Federated Investors Inc., headed by prolific Central patriarch John F. “Jack” Donahue, it’s long been rumored that a diploma from his alma mater is a prerequisite for employment.

    “No. You don’t have to be a Central Catholic graduate to get a job at Federated,” said Donahue, who graduated in 1942.

    Then he laughed. “However…”

    However, Central alums number in the hundreds among Federated employees. Donahue, Federated’s co-founder and board chairman, once asked a staffer to help him count, but they lost track. About half of his board attended the school. So did 20 of his sons and grandsons — so far.

    Howard Hanna Real Estate chairman and 1965 Central graduate Howard “Hoddy” Hanna has hired several Central graduates for his massive residential brokerage firm, including Chief Financial Officer David Lloyd, class of ’65.

    District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. and Common Pleas Judge John A. Zottola, class of ’75, were in the same homeroom at Central.

    Still more Central grads are familiar faces around the Downtown courtrooms: Judges Michael O’Malley, Lawrence O’Toole, Walter Little, Bernard McGinley, Guido DeAngelis and Joseph Ridge; the city’s former SWAT Cmdr. Dom Costa; and First Assistant District Attorney Ed Borkowski and a frequent courtroom adversary, defense attorney John Elash."

  22. People of Churchill, expect to see a kangaroo court. Keep your kids and pets indoors, and fire up your security cameras. You will have no rights.

    This will not be a real dangerous dog hearing, because the DA decided from the outset to cater to the raving demands of the few, and help a few mock the law and put the lives of innocent pets and people at risk.

    We already know from those few that they are in cahoots with a corrupt female animal control officer who is helping them who is involved in the "investigation."

    We already know that the lawyer representing them is connected to the Best Friends "it's ok if pets and kids are slaughtered by vicious dogs" contingent.

    There's a complete conflict of interest here with a judge who is a friend and former coworker of said DA, and defended him during previous criticism of their department involving public safety.

    The dangerous dog hearing will be a cooked up farce. The outcome has been predecided.

    The usual lying false "expert witnesses" will trot in their usual lies, and information such as the dog killing other pets and going through windows or doors to attack will be hushed up, and Borkowski and Zappala will grease the system to perform what Zappala tried to do from the beginning- sweep this incident under the rug and cater to the affluent few (and some outside the state lobbying interests) in the dog breeder/No kill psycho world.

    Borkowski has already sent up his intent- he has completely misdescribed what the purpose of a dangerous dog hearing is, and stated that he intends to make it a "find a vicious dog a new home" charade. His DA friend will be protected. The outcome is already cooked up.

    These two will put on a ridiculous performance at taxpayer expense, and abuse the court system for the rich. The lies will fly. The law will be ignored.

    The innocent will suffer, both people and their pets.

  23. Zappala's words about the horrific incident are a ridiculous farce, because his office let the dog be secreted away, against public health and dangerous dog laws, and his office is not pressing charges.

    A show for the public, I can suppose, while the real dealing goes on behind the scenes.

  24. I forgot to add the last line in that article about the personal relationships between these justice system characters. Zappala is the DA, Ed Borkowski is now the judge but former assistant DA with Zappala.

    "Howard Hanna Real Estate chairman and 1965 Central graduate Howard “Hoddy” Hanna has hired several Central graduates for his massive residential brokerage firm, including Chief Financial Officer David Lloyd, class of ’65.

    District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. and Common Pleas Judge John A. Zottola, class of ’75, were in the same homeroom at Central.

    Still more Central grads are familiar faces around the Downtown courtrooms: Judges Michael O’Malley, Lawrence O’Toole, Walter Little, Bernard McGinley, Guido DeAngelis and Joseph Ridge; the city’s former SWAT Cmdr. Dom Costa; and First Assistant District Attorney Ed Borkowski and a frequent courtroom adversary, defense attorney John Elash.

    A meeting of the Allegheny County Bar Association, the story goes, is just an excuse for a Central Catholic reunion."

  25. Animal control had no legal right to transfer ownership, and couldn't have released the dog without the DA's ok and even orders.

    The responsiblity for the dog dealing and illegal transfer lies with the DA.

  26. I don't think that the DA thought that the people in Churchill in the Nikko Nutter's neighborhood would find out, or perhaps he expected them to allow themselves to be dominated.

    I expect that he thought all would be hidden away behind closed doors.

    However, the citizens of Churchill did find out and did speak up for their rights and went public, and now the justice system manure shoveling, while feigning care, begins.

  27. This I most definitely believe:

    "Borkowski has already sent up his intent- he has completely misdescribed what the purpose of a dangerous dog hearing is, and stated that he intends to make it a "find a vicious dog a new home" charade. His DA friend will be protected. The outcome is already cooked up."

    Rotten through the roof!

  28. "She faces a magistrate’s hearing."

    The magistrate system is about the most ridiculous circus of the court system.

    Often not even legally trained, usually politically favored, hopped up clerks that are simply handmaidens for the judge and DA. Very little legal structure usually, more of a freestyle free-for-all. Going through the motions to shut up the populace.

    This is another farce to shut up the public after the outrage about the DA's dirty backroom dealing and protectionism got exposed.

    The public has no idea what kind of "behind the scenes" manipulation and favor-granting goes on, the pressure from rich lobbying groups (and politically connected, selfish, rich outsiders) and in this case it involved outside the state ethically negligent lobbying groups using the local court system as a play toy and the justice system as a law evader.

    Some of those lobbyists also have connections to unethical local media outlets that distort the truth, even lie, and produce emotional propaganda to try to get the public to swallow the farce.

  29. I have been following this story closely. My question is, what can someone in this area do to make sure this animal does not return to the community and pose a threat to more children? The nutters are talking of showing up at the court, human blockades, etc…

  30. There is something sadly wrong with a society that values the life of some worthless fleabag over that of a human being – even an innocent baby. How many mothers who had just lost their child would be out sighing papers to retrieve the monster that killed that child? Doesn't sound like she was doing a whole lot of "grieving"!

    As for all those freaks who are lobbying and making donations to save this 4-legged murderer, they are of the same ilk as those woman (and some men) who write letters, and sometimes even marry, incarcerated serial killers and other murderers. Such people have no lives to speak of (and William Uhring is one of them), so when they read about some serial killer (or killer dog) in the news, they create in their minds a lurid simulacrum of intimacy. If they were truly concerned about saving animals, they would be spending their time and money to save one of the thousands of dogs (most of which have never so much as growled at anyone) that are euthanized every day in this country because nobody wants them.

    Furthermore, neighbors of William Uhring (the fool who adopted the killer husky) describe him as a control freak from a dysfunctional family – a man who has difficulty relating to people, so he lavishes all his attention on dogs, i.e., something that cannot question his control. A person with such obvious character flaws has no business owning any dog, certainly not one as out of control as this monster.

  31. This dog not only killed a baby, this dog killed people's pets, unprovoked. And this dog will do it again.

    All these self-described "animal lovers" do not care about the lives of the pets this dog has killed and will kill.

    And how many pets did it kill before some No kill maniac listed it to resell on craigslist, handing it out no questions asked to someone with a history of problems.?

    One of the sickest things to see are the women used and manipulated by a money-hungry concerns here. Did you see the comments from the housewives and mothers who don't even care about their own children and pets- they just don't care as long as a deeply disturbed, flawed dog stays alive to kill again.

    And the money-groping in this whole circus. Many involved don't care about the dog. It's a windfall of cash.

    The lawyers that get money and free advertising.

    The smell of Best Friends wafting around that always steps into these things and ends up….fundraising, for the big salaries and benefits their staff sucks down.

    As for William Uhring, he's collecting cash from the gullible through a Paypal account, despite the fact that he's not a registered charity and there's no accounting for the money. Where does that money go? How many times have we seen financial improprity with these circuses?

    Weak people have their emotions preyed on for the financial benefit of the few.

    The victims will pay the ultimate price for this greed.

  32. Uhring has already raised the fundrazr limit several times and is now talking about how much insurance is going to cost yearly on a "dangerous dog".
    I find it amusing the SAME people that cried foul that the family didnt have enough money to take care of the beast, have NO problem throwing bucketfulls of money at this idiot.
    And hes going to keep asking for money perpetually unless its put down.
    I have noticed most of these women are childless, theyve spoken of buying toys and such for the dog ..they dont care about the child..they speak of "the bond between an animal and its owner" its owner that owned it like 2 days?
    the whole thing is crazy.

  33. That's like what the nutcase did after the Polar fatal attack. "See it's natural for a dog to pick a baby up by the scruff of the neck" (Then she demo-ed this to TV cameras.) That cause didn't pick up much steam because as soon as word came down from the medical examiner's office, the cause of death, the dog was immediately euthanized by Virgina authorities.

  34. Diane Klanica, who has repeatedly left and came back to the "helping helo" facebook page stating medical issues being aggravated by any view opposing hers, yet cannot stay away more than a few days….has gone so far as to post a picture of a husky with a puppys head in its mouth… "See! its natural!"

  35. Tax authorities are going to be coming after Diane Klanica when people start getting angry about the fsact that their donated money disappeared into Uhring's pocket and where did it all go.

    Is Klanica getting anything out of this and feeding off this?

    Donors should be demanding a complete public detailing of funds spent.

    The state and IRS should know that there is income here for Uhring. He has to pay taxes on this.

  36. This whole thing seems to be less about the dog, and more about a small clique of people making money. Illegally.

  37. I think they are keeping it very low key in hopes that the family doesn't show up to court on APRIL 5TH to plead for the beast to be put down (which some of the family members do indeed want) At first they were bashing the family and now they are "playing nice" and "not placing blame" although one of the dogs key advocates Randy Kovach cant miss an opportunity to slam them every given chance he gets, very personally at that (of course all comments were removed later but have been screenshot sent into the authorities to prove what kind of lovely people the nutters are).
    Again I find it SO amusing that the family was blamed for not having financial resources to help the dog (Kovach stated "they don't have that money to save themselves let alone their pets.") but then Uhring goes on and on in posts about financial burdens.. his latest post:
    "Meanwhile, I see the fundrazr has been doing great. Thanks again to all of you for your help. Helo would not have had a chance if you all didn't step up with us to save him. We would not have been able to do it alone financially, knowing now what the costs will be. Awesome job everyone. And thanks to those of you spreading the fundrazr around. And a very special thanks to those who have taken up collections personally in their neighborhoods or local establishments. Those funds collected would not have been otherwise, so thank you so much for the extra effort there. It is hugely appreciated." By their own thinking, doesnt that make him a BAD dog owner?? He had to KNOW there was going to be a huge financial burden, he shouldn't have taken it on if he couldn't do it on his own… But then, this must be about the money.
    The family was tricked into not putting the dog down, in their grief they were told by Ferree that if they put the husky down they had to put all of their animals down.
    Diane Klanica has to have a hand in this somehow, she has been there since the start, way too quickly to just be a nutter picked up along the way.

  38. It looks like Uhring & Company hired the dog expert. It might be Richard Polsky (the so-called "dog expert") out of California; comparing baby cries and squeaky toys to the sounds of prey species is right up his alley. Polsky also blames the sudden movement of baby swings triggering a predatory attack by a dog. Tomorrow's hearing is going to be a circus.

    Helping Helo – Hey Everyone. Haven't been around for a day or two. Life called and I had to pay it a visit. LOL So like before, nothing significant new. The Dog expert is working on his end of things as he can while he is out of town, then he will be flying into Pgh to see Helo. He did point out right away that we were missing somethings from discovery and we contacted the right folks to get those things. Mostly more detailed reports of things.

  39. Hearing was moved to April 27th… guess Uhrig has got to beg for even more money now.

  40. Its sad that very few people are speaking out against this on public news sites and blogs, meanwhile the nutters are linking each other to everything and swamping them with comments and petitions to make it seem like majority sides with them, which just is not the case. These people do not want this beast in thier neighborhood and I hope that is taken into account over the petition signed by people who dont even reside in this STATE.
    The nutters have taken to tactics such as blocking the people who are taking offense and responding to them where they cant see and acting like because there is no response (because they cant see them) they must be right. It has gotten positively ridiculous.
    The video does not show that the animal is not a danger to children. At all. And good points were brought up about that …but the nutters insist on making offhand comments such as

    Diane Klanica Hey Jen, who paid the dog to act that way in the video? I'll betcha they stuck a 50 under his collar and told him there was more where that came from if he 'made nice' for the camera. WTAE should start charging an amusement tax to read their page.

    all of a sudden Klanica has a great grandmother that was killed by a horse and not put down. Why this was not brought up forever ago in her arguements just pretty much shows that its made up for a "point"

    Diane Klanica ‎*waving* Hi Jen and Judy! Jen, the city can put a camera on their own behaviorist. You wouldn't mind wearing one for all of us, would you, Judy? I'm thinking "Whitewash Jimmy" wouldn't really fall under the category of name calling, would it? WTH was I thinking? And, on the money thing, Jen, I won't be needing overtime. I have plenty, thank you. I've worked hard, and it has paid off. No Access Cards for me! BTW, pssssssst…shhhh..don't tell anyone, but Jim and all of the attorneys were paid. Helo also has quite the bank roll for being such a good boy for the camera, too. Probably the wealthiest wolf…uhhh, I mean husky around. I'm telling you, money talks. How funny. BTW, Judy….beautiful horse. My great-grandmother was kicked & killed by a horse many years ago. Bad horse!

    The news pages are very funny … particularly the WTAE facebook page.
    Also, I guess it was brought up in the defense that the husky may be part wolf… Uhring could get it tested and put to bed that theory… why doesnt he?

  41. It is heating up over on the "helping helo" page. Apparently, people are starting to realize that legally parents need to be charged first ith harboring a dangerous dog so they can declare it dangerous and then euthanise.
    So, Mr. Bill has changed his whole persona from not attacking the mother who just lost her baby, and feeling oh so bad for them to complete lunatic conspiracy theories.

    On the Helping Helo page:

    Helping Helo
    about an hour ago
    Bill's Theory,
    Mom enters room, See's her two oldest dogs "playing" with baby. She freaks out. Puts those dogs in the basement and returns to now see the husky near the baby. She pushes the husky away, transferring blood to Helos face. She is now on the phone with Howard and they decide to blame the Husky because they have already realized they cant handle the dog and its a way to get rid of him and his broken leg expenses and to not blame the long loved family dogs, which were barking like maniacs in the basement while the police where there. The Police never entered the basement. They wrote in their report that they never entered basement for "security reasons".
    Ummmm what? Security? Did they seem dangerous? You have got to be kidding me. What a colossal failure on the detectives part. I mean huge. There is a dog bite victim in the house and you left two dogs in the basement for "Security" reasons? So if they baby were accidentally shot, would they have left two other guns in the basement? NO FREAKING WAY. These detectives were affraid to enter the basement with the barking "DANGEROUS" dogs. The ADA cant see that so I question the folks who let her keep working there. UN-be-freaking-leavable.

    That's how I believe the "finger mark" got on his face. Just one theory in many we have. We are loading up the theory's. Cant prove what I just said anymore than they can prove what they are saying. So we will just have at it in court I guess.

    The "lunatic fringe" around Bill have likewise lost their minds and are becoming more and more frantic in their inability to realize that the right thing was bound to be done.
    I totally see another threat to the judge, ada, etc in the future from these people.

  42. yet another awesome nutter theory, apparently there were menstrual pads in the bathroom. mom used them to wipe blood off other dogs, or baby, varies. "why would there be pads in kitchen garbage!? wouldnt they be in the bathroom?!"

    Henry Vogel: The mother could have wiped that on him. If she is bad enough a person to leave a 3 day old with a pit bull and a new dog, she would likely frame an animal if something went wrong. Has the coroner determined exactly what the child died from? Could that reason be misconstrued to protect the mother from prosecution? IE She dropped the baby, it died and then she set this up? Or, has ANYONE looked into why they had pitbulls, especially in a basement? Were they dog fighting? AND, does anyone care that Helo had a radical fracture in 2 places of his arm, that was UNTREATED by these horrendous people? Society: speak out for the innocent, don't stand for the careless sloppiness of people like this and let them get away with it!

    So the parents are dogfighting murderers that are trying to blame it on a poor innocent husky!

  43. The defense must be very afraid to be coming up with such bizarre theories. Then again, Twilight Zone theories by no-kill and pit bull nutters are commonplace. They'll say anything to shift the blame away from the offending dog (hence, Darla Napora falling from a ladder). I find it interesting that they are trying to blame this "classic" fatal husky attack on pit bull(s). Whitewasher Jim (James) Crosby also stated that by "examining photos" (ha ha ha), he was able to determine that more than one dog was involved. It is surprising to me that Crosby would ever finger a pit bull in a fatal dog attack, even if it were the result of the child appearing as a "squeaky toy." I guess in this case saving Nikko-Helo is more important. I've always been a believer that Nikko's leg was chewed on by one of the household pit bulls ("radical fracture in 2 places of his arm" – Henry Vogel) … and now, according to Vogel, the parents are dirty, rotten dogfighters! I hate to break it to you Vogel, but husky's are the top 4th killing dog breed. They get this title for KILLING BABIES in the same way that Nikko did.

  44. ahhhhh NOW the truth comes out in a letter from the attorney this little gem "Now, that being said, there does come a cost for a for-life sanctuary. I will be coordinating with Terry to address a fundraiser in that regard after the logistics of this morning are worked out and will spell out what is being looked at in that regard."
    he all of a sudden is getting "death threats" to himself and his animals, and decided it would be best to let the beast go.. but PLEASE MORE MONEY!!! ah well .. fools and their money. Least the anomal is nowhere NEAR ME!!

  45. Drum roll: Here's the group that got Nikko. Notably, they were ordered by the Pennsylvania court to not ever reveal themselves.

    The Lexus Project has saved about 30 dogs from death in the past year, including one involved in the death of a child, Rosenthal said.

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