2024 Dog Bite Fatality: 4-Day Old Newborn Dead After 'Apparent Dog Bite' in Greene County, Tennessee

A 4-day old infant is dead after an "apparent dog bite" on Monday in Greene County, Tennessee. Infant Dies After Dog Bite Greenville, TN - A 4-day old infant is dead after an “apparent dog bite,” the Greene County Sheriff's Office said. The infant was taken to Greeneville Community Hospital at about 10:30 am Monday. The newborn was then flown to the University of Tennessee Medical Center for treatment. The Regional Forensic Center said it could not confirm the cause of death pe… [Read full blog post]

2024 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old Killed by Dog in North Alabama Marking Second Child 'Death by Dog' in Region in 4 Days

Mark Allen Partain, 2-years old, was killed by a dog in north Alabama on Friday. Toddler Killed by Dog New Hope, AL - A 2-year old boy is dead after being attacked by a dog in New Hope Friday evening. The city is 40 mile east of Hartselle, where 4-year old Beau Clark was brutally killed by an Olde English bulldog on Monday. Beau was buried earlier today; over a thousand people attended his funeral. On Friday, at about 5:21 pm, Huntsville Emergency Medical Services Inc., (HEMSI) resp… [Read full blog post]

2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Newborn Dies After Being 'Bit by a Dog' and 'Head Injury' in Milford, Connecticut

Brayden Heery, 2-weeks old, died after being "bit by a dog" and "head injury" in Milford. Cause of Death Released UPDATE 02/29/24: The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner determined the infant died of blunt impact injury to his head, reports Milford Mirror. The manner of death was accidental. The Mirror also confirms our earlier reporting of data obtained from the audio dispatch log files of the Milford Fire Department. Firefighters responded to the home after a 911 call re… [Read full blog post]

2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Newborn, 4-Days Old, Killed by Pet Husky in Cave Springs, Arkansas

A newborn was bitten on the head and killed by a husky in Cave Springs, Arkansas. Dog Kills Newborn Cave Springs, AR - Benton County prosecutor Nathan Smith confirmed today that a dog killed a 4-day old infant last week. On December 14, 2022, a pet husky “put its mouth on the baby’s head,” reports 4029 TV. “The husky's tooth penetrated the baby's head.” The baby girl was transported to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, where she died. The identity of the infant was not released. Poli… [Read full blog post]