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9 thoughts on “2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Olivia Rozek, 3-Weeks Old, Killed by Family Husky

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  1. Huskies also have a high prey drive

    They are well known for killing and attacking other pets

    When they kill people, they seem to go after the babies more. Not like pit bulls that take on anything and will go through a window to attack someone

    But the high prey drive/killing children seems to go hand in hand

  2. I just don’t understand the mentality — having a large breed dog around a baby! I don’t understand why these people even take the chance. They are so blinded by their love for the damn dog that they forget that their baby is completely helpless. A friend of mine had a dog that didn’t like children and had to be crated around children, and then she got pregnant. She was a maniac dog lover, and I was not surprised when they didn’t get rid of that dog right away, but they finally came to their senses. No dog is as important as another human being. Never!

  3. This is so deja-vu. I’m sure I’ve read the same story at least three times. Why don’t people do some research into the breed of dog that they expose their children to?

  4. A baby was killed a few years ago by the family husky in R.I. The Boston Globe did an article on the story, quoting an animal behaviorist from Tufts who said that Northern breeds, like huskies, have a very high prey drive, and it was quite expected that an infant would be at risk around one.

    So, essentially, there was an increased and breed specific risk to keeping a husky or malamute around a baby. I don’t know why we can’t publicly have these conversations regarding certain breeds of dogs…it could save a child’s life.

  5. Over and over again these huskies get given up, because they are NOT good pets for the average family, and the rescues just place these problem dogs all over again

  6. More info:
    Officials probe death of baby involving dog

    Police and state officials are still trying to piece together what happened when a 3-week-old Bourbonnais baby girl was killed by the family's pet Siberian husky on Monday.

    On Friday, Bourbonnais Police Lt. Greg Kunce said the department was still waiting to talk to the family.The family has not been in the house in the 1600 block of Sunridge Drive since the incident.

    The dog in the attack was still being held by Kankakee County Animal Control, which wants to talk to the family. A second dog was taken to family in southern Illinois.

    The Illinois Department of Children & Family Services completed a home survey Thursday and reported they didn't find anything out of the ordinary, Kunce said.

    The family dog dragged Olivia Rozek, who was a twin born the day after Christmas, by her head from the bedroom through the hallway.

    Police received a 911 call at 5:45 p.m. that a girl had been mauled by the dog.

    The mother told police that the twins were lying on the bed while she was in the kitchen preparing supper. She heard her baby cry and then saw the dog walking into the hallway with the baby in its mouth.

  7. Around 2003 a 25 day old baby was killed by two Huskys. One had been with the family for 6 years. However, they were unaltered and had been bred. It has been noted that Huskys have only killed infants and I had heard that a special study was being done. It could be because they are closer to the pack mentality than other breeds. They see the infant as an intruder. This case the mother walked outside with the pest control guy and left the baby inside with the dogs. She had brought the dogs inside, they were “resident” dogs, living outside the family. Needless to say, the dogs were blamed and no charges filed against the mother. It was like the dogs should know better. If the mother had left the baby in a tub of water and it drown, would she not have been charged? Same thing here but the dogs were “humanized” instead. It was determined that one dog did the deed and the husband took the other dog back. Then he went to pick up his wife from the mental ward at the hospital.

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