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7 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 11-Day Old Baby Killed by Family Husky Dog in Independence

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  1. Huskies are a problem with very young infants (note that huskies are notorious cat killers – animal aggression that also manifests as PEOPLE danger)

    Dogs with a high prey drive are a danger to people.

    But pit bulls overwhelmingly are to blame for mass murder in ALL age groups, as well as disfiguring injuries that alter lives

    Even huskies, when they bite, don't remove arms, eyes, ears, legs, scalps, etc like pit bulls do EVERY DAY.

  2. I would never own a husky or a samoyed. Both of these breeds are highly small animal aggressive, which could always translate to aggression against infants. Honestly, I'd never choose any breed known for having a high prey drive, which excludes all terriers, too. Tragedies like this are avoidable.

  3. Huskies are known for killing infants. I read once that there was a study being done on huskies because they had never killed an adult. It was felt that since huskies are strong pack animals that they aren't accepting the new infant as a member of the pack. Two huskies killed a 24 day old baby in Rialto a few years ago. One had been with the family for 6 years.

  4. Seems like we have three risk groups for DBRFs:

    1 Pits/Rotts for any reason including heightened sun spot activity or Y2K.

    2 Packed up Feral Dogs

    3. Newly introduced infant into the home…I wonder sometimes if the dogs even know that the baby is a human.

    The notrthern breeds do seem to be showing up regularly though.

  5. This is why, although I admire husky's, I will NEVER own one if I ever have children. If I own one and become pregnant, no matter how long I've owned the dog, it will go to a new home. I will never take this chance with any child.

    • Just don't own a husky if you'll re-home it for any reason, there's enough dangerous dogs in rescue already. If I was worried my dog would attack my infant I certainly wouldn't consider rehoming it so it can attack someone else's infant – would rather just euthanize the dog.

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