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15 thoughts on “2011 Dog Bite Fatality: 'Loving Dog' Kills Visiting Baby in Chesterfield County

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  1. Now they are saying this animal was a 50lb American BullDog. Yeah.. that's the ticket!

    VA amended it's dangerous dog law in 2005 and allowed the dog lobby to craft an anti-BSL provision into it.

    Here are the results…EPIC FAILURE!:

    David Quyon Haigler
    38 years old |Spotsylvania County
    June 13, 2011
    Pit Bull

    Theresa Ann Ellerman
    49-years old | Norfolk, VA
    December 12, 2009

    Jasmine Deane
    23-months old | Orange County, VA
    September 27, 2009
    Pit Bull

    Carter Patrick Ridge Delaney
    20-years old | Leesburg, VA
    August 10, 2009
    Pit Bulls

    Matthew Logan Johnson
    6-years old | Richmond, VA
    January 24, 2007

    Jonathan Martin
    2-years old | Suffolk, VA
    October 3, 2005
    Pit Bull Mix

    Robert Schafer
    4-years old | Orange County, VA
    April 10, 2005
    Rottweiler-Shepherd Mix

    Dorothy Sullivan
    82-years old | Spotsylvania County, VA
    March 8, 2005
    Pit Bulls

  2. first they say it's a dogo, then a ambull.

    never heard of a 50 lb dogo or a 50 lb american bulldog with cropped ears.

    this is sounding more and more like an APBT.

    this is just another desperate attempt to split hairs and try to interject doubt. in the end, they are all GRIPPING dogs and every bit as dangerous as an american pit bull terrier.

  3. Breed as such isn't an issue. It's about biological type. There are various 'breeds' (ie, AKC/UKC registered types) that fall into the BIOLOGICAL category 'pit-bull type'. The Dogo Argentino is one of these. So is the so-called American Bulldog, etc, blah-blah.

    I'm not sure it's a good thing if we anti-pit-bull-TYPE dogs people let the idiots make us discuss about specific breed-this-and-that. The pit-bull type dog is a BIOLOGICAL type, never mind how breed clubs do their fictive paper administration.

    Meanwhile, whether this Polar thing was a pit bull, Dogo, or some other mix is rather irrelevant. It killed a child. Not by accident (digging in the crib in the hope of freeing up a lying-down space), but by attacking the baby with a focus to killing it.

  4. I agree with Craven and Sputnik that pit bull pushers are trying to muddy the waters – they're gripping dogs that were bred for the SAME purpose and are therefore the same biological type.

    When crafting BSL legislation, people should take note, and create a description of the TYPEs of dogs that are to be regulated.

    This is also yet another example showing that with gripping dogs its often about bred for behaviors kicking in which makes a perceived "friendly" temperament irrelevant.

  5. This dog sure looks like a pit bull (i.e. fighting dog type) to me. What ever it is, someone needs to euthanize or shoot it before it gets into the hands of people who want to "rehabilitate" it. It fatally mauled a baby, for God's sake! What is wrong with some people?

  6. I live across from six Pitbulls and my neighbors keep them locked in cages or rooms so they are not socialized. One of them was on medication for aggressiveness. I wonder if municiplaities could get around dog bite ordinances that give the dogs just a quarantine after vicious attacks by making the legal distinction clear between a mauling like those Pitbull victims endure and a dog bite. Legally Maulings are treated the same as one dog bite and this is incredible to me. The whole Pitbull problem really highlights how SELFISH people will gamble and say "It will not happen to me and my dog… " even though we know so many of them SNAP without any apparent prior aggression. These people are selfish and don't care that their insistence on owning this breed in the future will mean others will die. My motto: BAN the Breed;Don't accept the DEED.

  7. I live across from six Pitbulls. The owners keep them locked up in rooms and cages a lot so the dogs are not socialized and my neighbor admits that one of them is "tempermental" and she tried medication but it doesn't work. There is no fencing. I am not able to move and I do not feel safe enough to use the bus, but I must pay taxes for it. Pitbulls make us prisoners in our communities. It is so selfish to gamble and own a pitbull. Noone is going to die if they accept a moratorium on these dogs and get a different breed next time, but many people will be seriously injured or killed if pitbulls are not banned. My motto: Ban the Breed;Don't accept the deed. And for heaven's sake all animal control ordinances need to make a LEGAL distinction between one dog bite and maulings such as those pitbull victims endure. The two are treated exactly the same way where in comparison to each other one is usually minor and the other life threatening. If a dog mauls it needs no quarantine, it needs to be put down. Not rescued. Protect people from future maulings. Maulings are not dog bites!

  8. 50lb rescued Georgia fighting Pit….

    The state of GA produces more man killing Pits per capita than anywhere. Of course when family members of the State Pit Bull club are involved in trafficking fighting dogs, what would you expect?!?

  9. So much for "manbiters were culled."

    This dog killed a baby, and breed advocates have taken to the streets in an attempt to save this animal. What can they possibly be thinking?

    Several concerns here. First, has the rescue group that placed this dog really given consideration to exactly how responsible they might be for this? How twisted is the thought pattern of a grown man, moved to tears, not for the baby but for the life of the dog?

    Are breed advocates incapable of shame?

  10. This is a pit. Geez. This is a crazy rescuer we're having to listen to to say its an ambull. Obviously the original abusing owners thought it was a pit cause they cropped the ears – in a disgusting way.

    I'm sick of this splitting hairs shit.

    Obviously ambulls and calling pits ambulls is becoming more popular. Just another way to hide what they obviously know – gripping dogs are incredibly dangerous.

  11. funny how people who weren't even there, SOMEHOW seem to KNOW what happened. no one was present, no one KNOWS exactly what happened. and it doesn't matter, A HUMAN IS DEAD. i don't care if it was a vicious attack or an accident. i don't care if the parents were in the room or at the north pole. the dog needs to die.

    these freaking no kill pit nutters should have absolutely NO SAY in the fate of this ugly dog.

  12. On the pit-bull AND deaf-dogs forums, there are now all kinds of petitions, email-campaigns, and such being organized to say how poor-poor Polar must have another chance.

    There's a lot of highly emotional and utterly non-rational comparison going on with the Casey Anthony case. Poor-poor Polar should be declared innocent and get another chance just like Casey Anthony did.

    Sicko on two fronts:
    1) The freaks' assertion that man-killers are summarily culled. Apparently not…
    2) The fixation on discussing, when a dog has killed an infant, of what breed this dog might specifically be.

    We have to stop discussing with these sociopaths and start targeting politicians, people like Jean Donaldson and Ian Dunbar (who are important authors of this politically correct censorship), and so on.

  13. I wish those people who want to save a dog that killed a baby from a humane end would think about redirecting their efforts toward strengthing laws against cruelty to innocent pets that have harmed no one. They would if they really cared about animals.

  14. Remember…Human Aggressive Pits were always culled by the great and honorable dogfighters!

    What grotesque breed stewardship…

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