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13 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Kill Man, Injure Four Others in Memphis

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  1. this isn't the serengeti. people should be able to water their tomatoes, take out the trash, get their mail, walk their dogs, ride their bikes and sit on their porch without being viciously attacked by dogs. it is an outrage that people like ledy vankavage can get away with comparing violent dog attacks to being struck by lightening and calling 30 canine fatalities a year statistically insignificant.

  2. The things I could say about the Memphis PD and the corruption and racism that is RAMPANT in that department and city…

    Let's just say that it is of no surprise to me whatsoever that the PD dropped the ball on this or that the mayor is being obstructionist with the media. That city is a cess-pool in more ways than one. I feel terrible for this family and the devastation they've suffered. I hope they sue the pants off the dog owner and the city.

  3. What a horrible event. If this were caused by a wild animal, say a bobcat or bear, sharpshooters and traps would be posted everywhere. The hunt for the animal behind such gruesome attacks would be hunted.

    Not so with pit bulls. Apologists for the breed will soon be making their rounds. Bad owner, neglect, environment, etc. Gimme a break.
    These dogs are a man-made problem. The solution is also man-made. BSL prohibiting ownership, breeding, etc. Eliminate future suffering at the jaws of pit bulls; ban the breed.

  4. The Commercial Appeal has not only taken some lines directly from the MAUL TALK manual, they have mistakenly attributed the Delise Maul Talk years (1965-2001) as coming from the CDC. Interestingly, the Appeal's mish-mashing of statistics makes pit bulls look even worse! Watch for a correction coming soon!

    "It was the latest violent incident involving poorly trained pit bulls and their sometimes-negligent owners. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that, between 1965 and 2001, pit bulls were responsible for more human deaths than any other dog breed."

    The CDC report covered the years from 1979 to 1998:

    One of course should consider the pit bulls in this case. The Appeal writes, "The pit bulls were eventually captured and taken to Memphis Animal Services. Their future is unclear." Tia Torres, Steve Markwell, step right up to "rehabilitate" these dogs. Better yet, the Appeal ought to start an online petition: SAVE SATAN AND MENACE! IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT THEY WERE UNLEASHED!

  5. Trigger, Cindy Wolff is responsible for the lies printed in the appeal. She and I have been adversaries for a number of years because she is a die hard "No Kill'er". I started reading her articles years ago because she actually does some good reporting. But she is an extremist on the "No Kill" and pit issues. And I have to ask, what good does someone like Wolff think she's doing by spreading the propaganda? All it does is contribute to the daily reports of maulings and fatalities.

  6. Homicide charges! Too little too late, but it's a start. I'm so sick of hearing of cases like this where it's all treated like some accident. It's only an accident if you have no reasonable reason to believe it won't happen, like a chihuahua managing to kill a person. With pit bulls, if you don't know they're potentially lethal, you're either stupid or live under a rock.

  7. The situation in Memphis is abysmal. The police are substituting one social injustice with another. The dogs' owner was jailed just prior to the attack so let's arrest his pregnant girlfriend? William Parker's family is broken. The community is broken. It's SOP to chain pit bulls throughout the city, driven by Memphis law. Dogfighting and the abuse of pit bulls are out of control as well. The pit bull bite count must be horrendous in the City of Memphis. But one won't see this in the news. DogsBite, you should request these records under the FOIA. It might ignite a few local fires.

  8. Memphis has a solution just 120 miles awy. Of course it is an committment to the animals of the city. Littlr Rock has proven it can be done and getting better each day.
    Bites are down, dog on animal attacks are down. It is so easy to require spay/neuter, no chains, microchipping and registration. We still have many in our city that are not registered but the owners are keeping the put up. Tis is a good breed but it takes laws to control the bad ones and if you are a lover of this dog you will understand. It is the most abused animal in this nation.

  9. LRAnimals – Its good to see a pit bull lover supporting BSL! And it is very good to hear that it is working to keep the community safe all the way around.

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