2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Phoenix Woman Dies After Complications of Dog Bite

From left: Kathleen Doyle, Gerald Doyle, Mary Maloney and the two-time biter. Kathleen Doyle Phoenix, AZ - It was reported on Tuesday that 90-year old Kathleen Jeanette Doyle of Phoenix died July 26, 2009 due to complications suffered after a dog bite. On July 20, a loose American Bulldog1 bit her leg as she was walking home from her friend's house near 41st and Medlock drives. According to the dog's owners, it got out of their backyard because "windy weather" blew their fence d… [Read full blog post]

The History of the Denver Pit Bull Ban and the Victims that Prompted New Law

One City's Experience - The City of Denver DogsBite.org - The history of the Denver pit bull ban, which was enacted in 1989, revoked in 2004 and reinstated in 2005, is best summarized in a 2005 Municipal Lawyer article titled, "One City's Experience," by Kory A. Nelson, the Senior Assistant City Attorney for the City and County of Denver. A deeper review of the pit bull ban's legal history can be found in, "Denver's Pit Bull Ordinance, A Review of Its History and Judicial Rulings… [Read full blog post]

2009 U.S. Shelter Data: Pit Bulls Account for 58% of Dogs Euthanized

Animal People July/August 2009DogsBite.org - The latest issue of Animal People News, which projects 2009 shelter killings based on 2006-2008 data1, reports that a decade of "adoption focus" has failed to reduce these deaths, with the decade's average at 4.5, right where it was in 1999. The data shows that campaigns designed to reduce shelter killing chiefly by increasing adoption, instead of preventing the births of cats and dogs most likely to enter shelters and be kille… [Read full blog post]

Editorial: Deflating the 'Media Conspiracy' Fueled by Pit Bull Groups

Belligerent Bassets? British Columbia, CA - Writer Andrew Holota recently commented on pit bull advocacy "nuttery" that claims a media conspiracy is behind the pit bull problem that has plagued cities around the world for decades. Holota uses clever quips such as, "oodles of poodles popped by cops all the time," to drive his point home. His focus on "bad guys" and pit bulls likely comes in response to the incident involving a B.C. police officer shooting a pit bull to death tha… [Read full blog post]

Collection of Best Friends Animal Society Related Posts - DogsBite.org

Best Friends shamelessly "merchandised" the Vick dogs after receiving them. DogsBite.org - We've gathered a collection of posts that relate to our coverage of Utah-based fighting dog advocates, Best Friends Animal Society. The collection includes distinct posts pertaining to Best Friends, as well as posts about "rehabilitating" fighting dogs, Michael Vick's pit bulls, the National Football League and professional athletes with "pit bull problems." We've also inc… [Read full blog post]

Spotsylvania Victim Lies to Authorities About Dog Breed After Son's Pit Bull Attacks

Arrested Again UPDATE 08/19/09: Michael Baggett has been arrested again. Earlier this month he was charged with obstruction of justice and filing a false police report after his pit bull violently attacked his mother and her dog. Both he and his mother, Sandra Manes, lied about the incident and blamed it on a "rottweiler-mix." Over the weekend, Baggett was arrested and charged with two counts of prescription fraud after an incident Saturday at a CVS Pharmacy on Courthouse R… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Senior Couple Killed by Pack of Dogs in Oglethorpe County

York Schweder, one of the couple's two sons, speaks to media after mauling deaths. Dogs Euthanized archived UPDATE 08/18/09: Authorities have rounded up 16 dogs (11 dogs and 5 puppies) suspected in the attack that killed two people. The court-ordered euthanasia of the mongrel dogs1 began Tuesday. Authorities are still seeking two other dogs seen in the area. It was also reported that the Schweders owned 20 cats and seven dogs (eight if Sherry's missing dog is included). The… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Newborn Killed by Pet Pit Bull in Hardy County

Justin Kummer, just a few days old, was killed by a family pit bull, in Rio, WV. 3 Months or 3 Years? UPDATE 08/18/09: The original article from the MetroNews has been updated to reflect new information, as well as a new time frame for owning the pit bull. Authorities now say the pit bull was purchased "three years" ago from a relative who lives in Maryland. To determine if charges apply, authorities are checking on the dog's history. Deputy Burrows told reporters, "I need to wait a… [Read full blog post]