DaMonica Paul, Elkhart Pit Bull Attack Victim, Needs Your Help

Years of Recovery Elkhart, IN - In late July, we published a story about the City of Elkhart discussing a pit bull law. That discussion followed a series of pit bull attacks. Two of these victims included Scott Sands, who nearly lost an arm by his own pit bull, and 4-year old DaMonica Paul, whose entire nose was bitten off after a neighbor's pit bull latched onto her face. DaMonica's mother, Melissa Paul, recently said that her daughter will never breath out of her nose again. The d… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Deflates All Four Tires of Cumberland County Deputy's Cruiser

Neighbor's Pit Bull UPDATE 09/01/09: In a story that has been picked up by nearly 250 news outlets across the U.S., it appears that initial reports about Gloria Bass being the owner of the pit bull were in error. It is now being reported that the dog’s owner is "Bass' next-door neighbor." The unnamed neighbor and pit bull owner will be billed $500 for the new set of tires required for Deputy Lynn Lavallis' cruiser. It is unknown if the pit bull owner will also be fined for having a "do… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Phoenix Woman Dies After Complications of Dog Bite

From left: Kathleen Doyle, Gerald Doyle, Mary Maloney and the two-time biter. Kathleen Doyle Phoenix, AZ - It was reported on Tuesday that 90-year old Kathleen Jeanette Doyle of Phoenix died July 26, 2009 due to complications suffered after a dog bite. On July 20, a loose American Bulldog1 bit her leg as she was walking home from her friend's house near 41st and Medlock drives. According to the dog's owners, it got out of their backyard because "windy weather" blew their fence d… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Kills Owner, 35, in Bloody Buenos Aires Attack

Police Kill DogLa Paternal - It was recently reported that a pit bull attacked its owner, tore off his arm and killed him in his own home. The victim, Nestor Di Tullio, was about 35-years old. He was still alive when police arrived, but his door was locked. The man bled to death before he could be helped. This deadly attack is a reminder that just as pit bulls attack and kill their owners in the U.S., they carry out the same grisly acts across the world. This is why entire countries choo… [Read full blog post]