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6 thoughts on “2008 International Shark Attack Report Released

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  1. I agree with P. And I think the comparison to the shark attacks is a wonderful idea – a true eye opener. Next time a nutter says that bathtubs kill more people, all you have to say is sharks kill less.

  2. The CDC situation needs to be explored in a serious way as an example of a business lobby affecting "public affairs."

    Each of these people that made the decision at that time to stop tracking breeds of dogs that attack and kill needs to be carefully examined.

    Didn't one live in a small Southern town with a pit bull fighting business clan? Don't some now WORK in the dog industry?

    This was a dirty affair that needs to be exposed.

    When so-called "authorities" are nothing more than lobbyists for private industry, we have a problem that results in injury and lost lives here.

    I think of "scientist" Alane koki exposed in the Georgia newspapers. Many "scientists," "lawyers," and "professionals" seem to belong to the dog fighting & breeding world.

  3. Excellent response: “Sharks Kill Less.” Or, you could say, pit bulls kill at least 15 times the number of Americans than sharks do annually.

  4. And yet I just read a blog saying that pits should not be killed, just given to “responsible” owners. Anyone that wants a pit, a dog bred to be vicious, would not be a “responsible” owner. No one will live their lives with a pit and not come into contact with other people and animals. This would be the only way a pit should be adopted, to a hermit who lives on an island alone. They don’t need to be in the company of people or animals.

  5. There’s a huge gap in data about DBRFs from 2000-2005 after the breeding industry persuaded the feds to stop collecting the data.
    Probably another 75 deaths from Pit Bulls occurred during the “black out” before DBO started.

    Only Karen Delise seems to have this data but won’t release the raw data.

    A good research project for University of Florida would be to study Broward County.

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