2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Military Family Dog Kills 2-Year Old Boy in Tierrasanta

Mother of Child Killed by Dog Sentenced to Probation by Judge Valerie Grace Carlson, 30-years old, sentenced after the mauling death of her son. Mother Sentenced archived UPDATE 09/29/11: The mother of a 2-year old boy mauled to death by a dog while she was in a "drunken stupor" in her Tierrasanta home was sentenced to 5-years probation. Valerie Grace Carlson, 30, was also ordered by Judge Laura Halgren to complete a one-year jail term. Since her arrest back in April, combined… [Read full blog post]

KingHuman Blasts 'Asinine' Arguments Voiced by Pit Bull Advocates

Pit Bull Kills Child YouTube - Last August, we posted a video by YouTube artist KingHuman who explained the "Hind Leg Lift" method as a way to get a pit bull to release its grip. KingHuman recently launched a follow up video in response to the many pit bull advocates who flooded his comment section with typical pro-pit bull propaganda. When referring to the propaganda, he said, "All these weird, convoluted, asinine arguments to try and make it sound like pit bulls are great dogs.… [Read full blog post]

Editorial: Deflating the 'Media Conspiracy' Fueled by Pit Bull Groups

Belligerent Bassets? British Columbia, CA - Writer Andrew Holota recently commented on pit bull advocacy "nuttery" that claims a media conspiracy is behind the pit bull problem that has plagued cities around the world for decades. Holota uses clever quips such as, "oodles of poodles popped by cops all the time," to drive his point home. His focus on "bad guys" and pit bulls likely comes in response to the incident involving a B.C. police officer shooting a pit bull to death tha… [Read full blog post]

Who Authored the CDC Fatal Dog Attack Report (1979 to 1998)?

Fatalities by Breed (1979 to 1989) DogsBite.org - Pit bull advocates claim that the 2000 CDC report, which recorded fatalities from 1997-1998 to encompass attacks since 1979, is inaccurate because it was based on media accounts. Yet the report was only "in part" reliant on media accounts and otherwise reliant on the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) registry of fatal attacks. Five people authored this report: Jeffrey Sacks, Leslie Sinclair, Julie Gilchrist, Gai… [Read full blog post]