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10 thoughts on “Tom Skeldon, the 'Biased' Blade and Recent Ruling Halting Enforcement of Toledo Pit Bull Laws

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  1. The Ohio Supreme Court just ruled that dog bite victims may seek punitive damages. The taxpayers of Toledo are about to be bitten when an adopted out legally vicious animal attacks somone.

    New York City paid out a $5 Million settlement to a Pit Bull maulking victim a few years ago.

  2. Good Luck Tom! Thank you for your service to Lucas County. It was a safer place because of you.

  3. When a Judge, in this case this corrupt Goulding, works for the DOG FIGHTING INDUSTRY, there's a problem.

    And Toledo is going to suffer from that problem as now the blood will flow from pit bull attacks.

    Goulding needs to be held PERSONALLY accountable for each and every pit bull attack, and for the dog fighting that will now escalate in the city.

    This is the DOG FIGHTING INDUSTRY behind Goulding.

  4. First thing in Toledo is that now EVERYONE who has a pit bull will be sitting on a ticking legal bomb, waiting for the lawsuits to explode. And they will.

    The City will be getting sued, breeders will be getting sued, landlords who allow pit bulls will be getting sued, and every attack will be a field day for the lawyers.

    Every single pit bull incident will be getting close attention.

    The "bad rap" for pit bulls will now grow in Toledo, until citizens demand an end to the pit bull insanity.

    How stupid these pit bull advocates are.

  5. Poor people in Toledo will suffer from pit bull attacks.

    The Judge, out in his safe suburb, will not be affected by pit bulls.

    The poor get screwed once again by a crackpot judge, working for dog fighters.

  6. You have to laugh at a joker like Goulding, who is elected I believe.

    He has already bragged about addressing a PIT BULL NUT who endangered children with his pit bulls, and that he shouldn't have been allowed out on such low bail.

    Even Goulding himself acknowledges that pit bulls are a danger to children!

    So parents of Toledo, when your child is killed or mauled, Judge Goulding is the man to blame. He has your child's blood on his hands as he helps the dog fighters.

    "Judge Goulding sought and received the counsel and approval of all of the judges on the court to revise this schedule. Amounts to be posted for bond have now been adjusted to account for inflation. More importantly, crimes involving violence to a human alleged victim are excepted from the schedule so that now a judge has to directly set such bonds.

    In a recent case before Judge Goulding, a defendant had been freed on $50 bond in a case alleging that a number of children had been left alone and unattended in the vicinity of a loaded shotgun and numerous pit bulls. The defendant, charged with Child Endangering, was able to post bond according to the old schedule, which did not take into account the gravity of the offense and the safety of not only the children involved, but also the community at large.

    "In many cases, the old bail schedule was a virtual 'get out of jail free' card. That card has now been revoked," said Judge Goulding. "It is important, especially in victim-driven cases, for a judge to review the matter before bond is arbitrarily set. Such a review protects the victim and the community, and affords the defendant added protection of his constitutional rights," remarked the judge"

  7. I think the judge probably got a "hefty" contribution from the owner of the Toledo Blade, John Robinson Block. It's just a "little too" coincidental about the timing of his ruling and the flat out falsehood of it. It's not just Toledo v. Tellings in this case, Goulding also ruled against The State of Ohio v. Anderson. Supreme courts typically do not like being undermined by "municipal level" (aka podunk) judges.

  8. Every week the Blade publishes a list of dogs "Killed" by The A/C Department. It is overwhelming a list of unregistered Pit Bulls. These people are not paying the fair share for Animal Control costs yet are largest consumers of services and they have the highest number of biters.

    Additionally, In Ohio, all breeders are required to be register and collect remit sales tax…Begging the question:

    Who is breeding all these Pit Bulls and are they paying taxes?

    I think we all know the answer.

    It is amazing that they have been able to twist this lack of breed stewardship and law breaking into a humane issue.


    Toledo OH Dept Taxation, Attn Enforcement Div One Gov Center Suite 1450, Toledo 43604 419-245-2613

    Producing these animals in current form and in such numbers without paying taxes is a crime. Nip it in the bud!!

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