Who Authored the CDC Fatal Dog Attack Report (1979 to 1998)?

Fatalities by Breed (1979 to 1989) DogsBite.org - Pit bull advocates claim that the 2000 CDC report, which recorded fatalities from 1997-1998 to encompass attacks since 1979, is inaccurate because it was based on media accounts. Yet the report was only "in part" reliant on media accounts and otherwise reliant on the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) registry of fatal attacks. Five people authored this report: Jeffrey Sacks, Leslie Sinclair, Julie Gilchrist, Gai… [Read full blog post]

Top Dog Experts Fooled and Surprised by Pit Bulls

Expert Randall Lockwood DogsBite.org - In a recent post, we talked about dog expert Randall Lockwood, Senior Vice President to the ASPCA, being a fooled by a pit bull. In a 2004 training video, he said that selective breeding has taken the "wolf" out of pit bulls. They ignore signals that non fighting dogs heed, and they fail to show intention. He then remarks about his own "surprise" experience with a pit bull. Fighting dogs lie all the time. I experienced it first hand when I was… [Read full blog post]