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11 thoughts on “Part IV: I-Team, Fox 5 News Asks What Happened to the Dog Named Beast?

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  1. Beast was an excellent specimen and his genes needed to be preserved…Laws and public safety responsibilities be damned!

  2. Another question:

    When Jere Vick and Sherri Mengele were placing the best of the best back out in the community, who is liable for future maulings?

    Does the contract with BHVF indemnify Fulton County from liability, or is the tax payer on the hook?

    I still want to know who owned Chico Number 5 and where the dog was obtained from!

  3. Here’s what bugs me. They sit there and see these pit bulls continuously pouring into the shelter.

    Well there’s obviously dog fighting and breeding going on.

    Why the heck don’t these county officials start passing some laws and cracking on this?

    How long are taxpayers going to foot the bill for cleaning up after a bunch of criminals?

  4. Board of Commissions Meeting
    Today (11/19/08), animal advocacy activists descended upon the Fulton County’s Board of Commissioners. The activists demanded the resignation of the animal services head and for county commissioners to call in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

  5. Randy’s blog is growing more hysterical by the day. There is a user now who is pretending to be David York, username “DevilDorkYork.” When asked about a recent honorary dinner:

    Why it went just fine thanks for asking! There were all kinds of rich people who believe my BS there. They had to hire extra security because of a protest threat. They did play a lovely video about my dedication to animals and about how I am a legend in my own mind…ur I mean time. Usually legends have to do something really good for a long time, but when you are a devil it is the opposite. It only took me 8 months of really screwing up the Fulton shelter and I got honored for it! Pays to be a liar and a dork. Anyway other than the whispering and the conversations that stopped as soon as I walked up, it was lovely.

    Goes on in other posts:

    There are NO plans to fix any problems at the shelter as there are no problems. I appointed a wonderful director (Jere) and she was attacked by the media – not my fault. In fact nothing is my fault, it never is. It is Jere’s fault (for the missing cats, Beast and not covering her tracks good enough), the fired staff’s fault (for talking to the media), Southern Hope’s fault (for everything else), the current staff’s fault (for looking stupid on camera), Oliver’s fault (for not helping hide my screw ups enough). So, you see none of this has anything to do with me. I am just the guy who controls all the money, spreads the lies and fires the staff if they piss me off. I make sure I am only at the shelter about 10 minutes a day, so even if the there is a problem, I wouldn’t know about it, so therefore there are none. Not bad work if you can get it!

    Why that’s easy! I saw so many qualities in Jere that I have myself. The lying, deceitfulness, the ability to appear to like animals. Also I knew that her love of Pit Bulls would come in handy down at the shelter. Her and Tony hit it off quickly and started their own “little business”. I like people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Who knew you could get good money out on the street for unfixed Pits? That plus having no experience at all (other then breeding) in sheltering or rescue would enable Ms. Alexander to take fresh approach to running the shelter. No rules, no forms, no reasoning. You have to admit I was right.

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