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One thought on “Victimized Pet Owners Learn Arcane Dog Law the Hard Way

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  1. I’m glad these victims at least had their story told. The vast majority of these pit attacks are never reported anywhere in the media. If there’s no 911 response with ambulance, fire, police, etc., then it’s not news.

    My lab and I were also attacked by an at large pit bull when it escaped through a gate, and I exacerbated a back injury when I lifted my lab into the back of a pick up to separate the two, and then fought off the pit bull until I got help from bystanders. Because the attack was essentially over and I could hobble home without medical aid, there was no emergency response. And no ambulance, police or fire equals nothing news worthy.

    I’ve met several others with similar pit bull stories, including one family whose dog was killed. Again, there was no news coverage for their episodes. I suspect the pit bull problem is far greater than the general public realizes.

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