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14 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Skipperville Man, 27, Killed by Dog Pack; Captured on Surveillance Camera

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  1. Thank you for reporting this, Colleen. I hope the dogs and their owners or previous owners will be found. The woman who posted about loose dogs on Facebook believed there was no leash law in that area.

    May Demarcus’s loved ones find peace.

  2. So, this man was attacked by “up to six dogs”, yet the police who responded said he died by a gunshot wound to the head? I would think that 6 dogs would leave a lot more damage than they could mistake for a gunshot wound, wouldn’t they?
    I am sorry for the family of the two men. THIS is why neutering a dog and keeping them confined is important and responsible dog owners make sure the measures are taken. People who just dump dogs and leave them are so ignorant they don’t understand groups of strays form packs and this can be the result.

    • It appears to us that police were told by witnesses he had been shot, but after police investigated and examined the body, they realized this was not true. Unlike the Mississippi case, police determined what happened after the first victim. No doubt because they had surveillance footage in the Alabama case. In the Mississippi case, family members and people nearby also thought both men had been beaten, shot and murdered. It is the untrained (non-police) eye that would most likely make this error.

  3. What a terrible way to die. My heart breaks for his family. Enough of this – someone must be held accountable. I can’t believe these deaths by pitbulls aren’t more publicized. It’s outrageous for something like this to happen in our country… and over and over again! Where is the anger and outrage?!

  4. Enough. Dog pack attacks are way up, and they are always Pits, APBs, Bully XLs, Cane Corsos, Argentino’s & all part of the bull baiting, pit fighting lineage or they are mixes that include that. We can arrest every one of the “bad owners” after the fact but it won’t stop it.

    The Pit Bull Cult members will keep saying these are nanny dogs who don’t deserve their reputation, but it is justified, it is in their DNA to attack for no reason & not stop until the victim is dead or they are. No other dog does this. You can’t “bad owner” or train a greyhound or beagle to behave like that.

    No matter how much you want to love / cuddle them, the idea that you have to be careful, you have to be the alpha, you have to muzzle them in public or confine them, as if they escape they’ll kill, or they’ll kill their owners or their children, means they must be eliminated.

    Either the laws get passed to neuter / spay all of the puppies, seize and put down any found that are bred after the ban (jailing the breeders) these good people have to arm themselves and shoot on site, any Pit approaching them unleashed, or any of these rogue packs seen wandering.

    Keep an aluminum bat in your vehicle, use it as a walking stick, or near the front door if you can’t to carry. If this gentleman couldn’t just walk outta his front door without being killed by six of them, we have to start killing them back if we want streets to be safe to walk on, or just to walk in our own yard.

    • My two managers where I work do nothing but talk about their man-biting rescue pit bulls. Yes, they’ve bit someone already. But it’s not the dogs fault and it’s not her fault. Pit owners are the most utterly *stupid and ignorant about dogs* people I’ve ever seen.

  5. This man looked young and strong and still didn’t stand a chance. My friends who live rurally practice Shoot, Shovel, Shut up.

  6. I wonder if we will ever find out who owned the dogs.

    If the gunshot wound story came from the owner of the dogs I hope they are charged with lying to the police.

    What a horrible way to go.

  7. Most of this news is fake. He did not live at the residence. He was called up there to the residence. Those dogs was not wild dogs. They owned them dogs. The owners of the home should be held accountable. Justice has not been served.This was my brother in law. And he did not stay up there. He stayed with his mom and sister.It’s a lot of lies being made? The police say it was no reports from anyone or their animals getting bite by the dogs. They had looked. But on here it states the lady had made a police report? Sounds fishy to me!!The police also did not talk to the Mother of Sam Demarcus McKenzie, they only talk to the suspects.The family wants justice to be served in this case! We are hurting and missing him. It’s no valid reasons that the case should have been closed this quick. And they should have went over previous footage prior to that day to validate if these were so called wild dogs.

  8. This Rhonda Whigham Demarcus McKenzie mother the owner and the girlfriend was looking for him the night before and that Saturday morning my baby is gone of us They MURDER him and Dale County Sheriff and District Attorneys are lies

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