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19 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Birmingham Woman Found on Roadside in Ensley was Killed by Dogs Coroner Says

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  1. I think they’re pitbull someone probably own more then five or he or she is a dog breeder and the pitbull got lose because the owner was neglectful poor lady died a horrific death doing something she loved.

  2. It is absolutely ridiculous that freeroaming dogs are allowed to run loose attacking and killing people. Every dog running loose in the area for the next six months should be SHOT DEAD. I’ll be the owners would start keeping their dog up properly if there were REAL consequences.

    • I agree 100% should be SHOT DEAD because it just makes sense but most ppl would think that suggestion to be extreme because society as a whole especially in the U.S. have been ‘dumbed down’
      It’s nice for me to see that some1 else has some ideas and realizations and grasp of reality as I

    • Some areas of the USA do not have any leash laws. In those areas, police will not come out on dog calls or impound any dogs.

      If the dogs are annoying livestock, the farmer can legally shoot the involved dogs.

      Some years ago a woman had contacted the police a number of times because she felt the dogs next door were dangerous. She was scared they would attack her.
      The dogs were not fenced in, as laws didn’t require fences. One day the dogs killed her.
      There, of course, was an investigation. There was a new law passed, and I believe it was called Emily’s Law.
      That was done to increase penalties against the owners for deadly bites.

  3. These dogs are not animals that exist in nature – someone owns them or dumped them, someone bred them for profit or from carelessness. The person responsible for the dogs should be held responsible for the most serious of crimes: the taking of a human life.

    Will the Birmingham police investigate? That bicyclist in Texas wasn’t even identified. “Act of dog,” they probably think as they neglect to treat the killing with anything close to the scrutiny a non-dog homicide would receive. “A tragic accident.”

    We need better laws and enforcement.

        • A great question, why the hell are these dogs wandering and running in packs with impunity? The police officer said-almost nonchalantly-yes, we will trap these dogs. Why aren’t they regularly out trapping them BEFORE some innocent soul has to die? Ugh!

  4. The reality that this is allowed to happen repeatedly in our country – people mauled to death by dogs while just walking or bicycling – is just beyond outrageous to me. I can barely believe it. And it makes me furious. I am an avid walker and I should not have to fear this. No one should.

    • Most people immediately go into whataboutism mode if the subject is brought up, pooh-poohing the fact that several dozens of Americans are torn apart by dogs every year – it’s not anything to worry about because more people are being killed by this, that, or the other. We offer the dogs these victims as small sacrifices because we want dogs.

      • Yes, I was told by someone when citing the pit fatality statistics that “Deer kill more”. Talk about apples and oranges. Deer cause deaths primarily (exclusively?) by vehicular accidents, plus they aren’t supposedly domesticated pets that should never maul and kill people, ever.

  5. It is sad that livestock have more rights than people.

    Farmer shoots dog that is bothering cows, that is usually the end of it.

    Person shoots dog that is threatening them on their own property?

    Cruelty to animals, firing a gun in city limits, disturbing the peace and whatever other charges they can think of.

    If you shoot before the dog has bitten you dog cultists will insist “He was only playing! You over reacted!”

    If you wait until after you are bitten you will hear that it wasn’t a serious bite and you still over reacted. Wait any longer and there is a good chance you die before you get a shot off.

    That is what most of the powers that be consider the best option. Maybe they will look for the dog that killed you, maybe they wont.

    Even if the dog is found and euthanized nothing stops the owner from buying another one and nothing happens to them.

    • That’s right, because dog bite/dog mauling crimes are not “cumulative” for the owner. We call this the “vicious dog loop.” Nothing stops the owner of a vicious dog from getting a new dog, over and over again, where the new dog(s) bite again year after year — the reprehensible “repeat owner of vicious dogs” that attack. Think about it. Why does the bite/attack offense die with the biting dog? Can you imagine if a criminal fatal firearm incident ended with the “gun being turned over to authorities”? And that was it? That is not how normal criminal laws work. Criminal laws operate on “patterns of behavior” and “mindset.” So if the dog “Mayhem” viciously attacked a kid and was put down because it was “Mayhem’s” first attack, then the owner gets “Scarface” who viciously attacked a grandmother… It shouldn’t matter that two different dogs were involved, it’s the same owner, and now a pattern of this owner has been established. This should be recognized as cumulative (collective) criminal behavior by this dog owner. Gosh, what if a person had 3 DUIs but all carried out in different cars?

      • Colleen, you are exactly right about owners losing dogs, one way or another. Then replacing them with one’s raised exactly the same. I read somewhere that 10% of pet owners are responsible for 90% of the animal control issues. This will only stop when owners are actually held responsible for damage caused by their irresponsible actions.

      • Exactly. Had a neighbour that every couple years dumped one dog for another every few years with one excuse or the other.

        The one that broke my heart was a stunning GSD that she kept on a short chain in her driveway. I was a kid so I just kept walking up to him and filling his water and petting him.

        I think she wanted him to guard the house or something and he was just friendly so she dumped him.

        Dumped a cocker, a poodle and a few other dogs for some idiocy or other.

        Now, while I don’t think anyone should keep a dangerous dog–some people are just crappy dog owners, period. They see dogs as fungible.

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