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4 thoughts on “Omaha Toddler to Undergo Tissue Expansion

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  1. I really think that small children seem to trigger the fighting instinct/prey drive in a lot of these dogs.

  2. I really don’t know, David. Society has made it clear…the death of a few children is a small price to pay to preserve the ability of Americans to own and breed this type of animal as a “pet”, without restrictions.

    I would almost like to say that Americans value animal life over childrens, but that not a fair description either, since these dogs kill so many other domesticated animals each year, anyone who truly loves animals wants to regulate them for the danger they pose to dogs, horses, livestock, etc.

    I guess I put most of the blame for the dead and mutilated children on the so-called “humane” groups who continue to promote these dogs as famly pets, and help the dog fighters and criminals by fighting against all reasonable regulation of breeding. I no longer donate to any shelter groups, I limit my donations to breed-specific rescue groups for my dog’s breed…. they spend lots of time educating and screening potential adopters, and really presenting the dogs the offer HONESTLY, including any negative behaviors….unlike the pit bull rescue groups who simply, relentlessly, oversell all of these dogs to unsuspecting adopters.

  3. I wish everyone in a city like Omaha or Indianapolis could be in the same room with both these little girls. We would have these dogs spayed and neutered out in a dog generation. The denial among the pit bullers is almost deranged

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